8-Bit Software Online Conversion

BBC Master native formats -------------------------- DFS original BBC SD SS/DS/40/80 100-400k ADFS Master DD " " " " 160-640k CFS cassette filing 300, 1200 baud Master 512 formats ------------------ (80186 co-pro 512k RAM) DOS bootable 640k Acorn DOS 800k Tandy DOS 720k IBM DOS 360k Olivetti DOS 720k IBM DOS 720k Acorn CP/M 400k IBM CP/M 320k Altos CP/M 720k Z-80 formats ------------ (Acorn Z-80 co-pro) Acorn 640/800k Additional formats ------------------ from DOScopy, TorchCopy, CPMCopy, CPM Beeb ------------------------------------------ DOS : Acorn 640k Acorn 800k Apricot 615k Apricot 720k Atari 360k Atari 720k Duet 720k IBM 160/320/180/360k IBM PS/2 720k Macdougall NEC Nimbus 720k Olivetti 720k Rainbow 400k CPM : Acorn Z80 Alphatronic PC Amstrad SS/DS80/DS40 British Micro Systems CDOS Cifer 2683 40/80 Comart 320/720k Epson PX8 Epson QX10 IBM CP/M 86 ICL DRS 300 ICL Quattro Kaypro SS/DS Merlin M4000 Molecular ser 9 NCR Decisionmate Newbrain Olympia Osborne SSSD/SSDD Philips P3800 Rainbow CP/M 86 Rair Black Box RML 380Z SD RML 480Z DD Screen typist Sharp MZ 80 B (CP/M only) SM1 Superbrain QD Tatung PC-2000 Televideo Transtec Krypton Zenith Z 100 Zorba To access the above 5.25" 40/80 double sided drives are needed Some formats such as IBM PS/2, Atari, Apricot use 3.5" 720k drives. Other formats such as Amstrad use single or double sided 3" drives. Additional formats can be accessed by adapting the definition files. Formats NOT accessible due to hardware incompatibilities include : Apple, Amiga, Sirius, high density (e.g. 1.2mb, 1.44mb) The Master has a 1772 controller which can work in FM or MFM modes. My machine has a hard disc with an ADFS and a DOS+ partition. To date I have not been able to find out how to run CP/M from the hard disc !