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ParcelFarce *********** I'm a regular user of Parcelforce with a frequency of at least once a month. I've been using them for years. I keep saying to myself that I'll stop using them and go with another carrier but price and convenience has kept me loyal. This is all from memory and stretches over at least three years. So far I'm averaging one claim per twenty parcels. Small hard disk sent. Received duff. It was sent in a proper hard drive box which isolates the hard drive positioning it right in the middle. Lots of warnings on box. Took about six months to get compensation. Macintosh LC. I sent it stupidly in its original box with nice pictures of the enclosed computer printed all over the box. Never received the other end. Obviously nicked in transit. Quick compensation settlement (for Parcelfarce) of about three weeks. Amstrad CTM640 monitor sent. Lost in transit. Got compensation within a month and then smashed monitor turned up a month or so later. BBC gear received in damaged state. Got compensation after about 9 months. Received Spectrum Plus 3 with accessories in large brown envelope. No padding. Computer smashed and bits missing that got out the envelope. Obviously couldn't blame Parcelforce for damaging this one. Sender fully compensated me. Received 3DO console in simple box with no extra padding. Perfect 100% working. I got lucky on this one. Probably one or two more I've forgotten about. Current. ******** Philips 25" FST fastext tv sent. Received with smashed in tube. Parcelforce have actually written that there refusing to pay compensation and I may have to take them to court. Parcel sent over two weeks ago has yet to arrive. Possible new claim coming up. Other Carriers ************** No problems even with stuff sent to me badly packaged. Letterpost. *********** I use this ten times as much as parcelforce. No problems except for one or two 5 1/4 disks damaged in the deep past which were sent individually. Martin Wilson 4WL