8-Bit Software Online Conversion

              From D6G Sprow For some time I have been tired by the lack of interest of companies who used to be at the forefront of BBC sales - I mention no Watford Electronics in particular. Instead of sitting around grumbling I am doing something about it. Hence Sprow cubed (the 3 doesn't come out very well on a BBC - the headed notepaper looks better) If you have anything 8 bit Acorn related that needs fixing then this is where to come - although my address applies at the time of writing I shall be moving in October to start a degree in Electronics. All work is guaranteed - indeed if your circuitry comes back in a worse state the you sent it in you are entitled to compensation! Hence you can't lose. I am also open to questions you might have, if I can't answer them directly then I have an Acorn software boffin friend who surely can. I shall also be developing a range of brand new gizmos and add ons while at University (making use of their facilities, if you like). So if you're tired of seeing the same old wood in forsale notices then watch this space. Noteably see my message about the Viglen/Care cartridges on this month's disk. The first of many. Future projects include Real Time Clock board,8 Mb paged RAM upgrade (hmm,may take a while so don't hold your breath), numerous utility ROMs and software, printer buffer, BBC slow motion dial (not software driven), background digital speech playback started by an OSEvent (prototype already up and working) such as 'printer buffer emptying event', and my latest scheme - real time video feed on screen in a window (I've seen it done - can't be all that hard). As you can see,lots of new blood to look forward to. But in the meantime do write to me to let me know what you want to see, software and hardware, in the future. As well as any problems you are having with existing broken hardware/software. Letters will not be processed before June 25th,but after that it's a first come first served basis. Also on the disk is 'SOSFIX' which is a skelton text file on which you MUST submit your entries, so I can get you all organised in alphabetical and chronological order. It is designed for an 80 column 66 line printer only - I will come up with a more elegant way of doing this later... Contact Sprow at: Robert Sprowson, 6 Bollinbrook road, MACCLESFIELD, Cheshire. SK10 3DJ Telephone (01625) 431067 8BSmail me on D6G I do also intend on being able to accept long files/requests over the phone by Modem, let me know if this service is worth starting.                   