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From Oliver Debus Dear 8-Bit Software Members, I have collected technical information on the "BBC Micro Series" and "Acorn Electron" computers. I want to make these available to you so that you can repair, program or design your own hardware for the BBC Micro. I'd like to thank Acorn for supplying me with most of the information I can now provide. Like Chris Richardson I don't want to make any financial profit out of this service but I have to charge to cover the cost of photocopying and sending. Unfortunately postage here in Germany is very expensive, which is why many companies here have already started to send their post from abroad (Holland etc.) where it is cheaper. Anyway I have set up a list of what I have and if anybody wants to provide the service and thinks that he or she can provide it cheaper I'll let him or her do it - OK!? Last Updated on 11.05.1996 a) Table Information: --------------------- Type Description ----------------------------------------------------------------------- CD Circuit Diagrams MA Manuals DS Data Sheets SD Software (documenation) HI Hardware Instructions FW Firm Ware PL Programming Languages A4s = number of A4 sheets (/2 = number of A3s) BBC Description (Computer Type) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- E Electron B BBC Model B + BBC Model B+ 1 BBC Model B+ 128K m Master Series M Master 128 5 Master 512 S Master SCIENTIFIC T Master Turbo C Master Compact b) Table (Technical Hard-/ Firmware Documentation) -------------------------------------------------- Type No A4 BBC Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------ CD 1 2 B BBC B (main PCB) CD 2 2 B+ BBC B+ (main PCB) CD 3 2 B(A) BBC B (American Version) CD 4 2 E Electron (main PCB) CD 5 4 M BBC Master 128 (main PCB) CD 6 2 5 BBC Master 512 (main PCB) CD 7 2 C BBC Master Compact (main PCB) CD 8 Electron (Keyboard PCB) CD 9 other BBC Micros coming soon! (except Master 128) DS 1 uPD7002 10-Bit Analog to Digital Converter (NEC) DS 2 FD1771-01 Floppy Disk Formatter/Controller DS 3 User Port Chip: 6522 VIA (Rockwell) DS 4 Eproms: M2764 / 27128A / 27256 / 27512 / 27513 DS 5 NEC FD1037A 3.5 inch Floppy Disc Drive data sheet (DD) DS 6 20 MC146818, Master 128 RTC (Real Time Clock Chip) DS 7 SAB 8271 Floppy Controller (used in old BBCs) DS 8 28 5 SAB 80186 High Integration 16 Bit Microprocessor SD 1 1 M Terminal Application Note (Acorn) SD 2 2 m EDIT Application Note (Acorn) SD 3 17 5 Master 512 Applications Compatibility and Software List HI 1 Rom Fitting Instructions HI 2 5 M BBC Master 128 Cartridge Interface HI 3 How to preset various Options on a BBC B (like M128 FS) HI 4 Table: Various Plug types - how they look / their names HI 5 2 B DDFS Mk II Fitting Instructions (Watford Electronics) HI 6 15 5 Master 512 Technical Information and Monitor Document. HI 7 1 M Inserting ROMs Into The Master 128 (Acorn) FW 1 2 m ADFS Application Note (Acorn) FW 2 3 m ANFS Application Note (Acorn) FW 3 2 M BBC Master 128 Optional System ROM (Acorn) FW 4 4 5 Master 512 Mouse Driver Demo Program FW 5 3 M Master 128 Welcome Disc "Converter" Program FW 6 7 M Functional Differences Between M128 and BBC B / B+ FW 7 15 5 Edbin and Move User Guide (Acorn) MA 1 9 + BBC B+ 128K - Additional User Information (Acorn) MA 2 3 M Master128 Welcome Guide Addendum (Acorn) MA 3 3 C Taking the lid off the Compact (Acorn User) PL 1 3 MC Using BAS128 on the Master 128 and Master Compact PL 2 2 MC Basic IV Application Note PL 3 1 EBMC Storage of BASIC Variables Ordering Information: --------------------- In order to tell me what you require please specify (1) the Type and No e.g.: "FW 1" if you want the ADFS Application Note (2) how many sheets (A4s) these are in total (3) the cost in pounds (the amount you enclose in stamps) The Postage & Packing Costs can be calculated from the following tables and formula: weight of 1 A4 sheet = 5g weight price type number of sheets that go in ----------------------------------------------------------------- 5 g 5 pence normal envelope 3 A4s 10 g 7 pence A5 envelope 20 A4s 25 g 10 pence 60 A4s Step 1: (Postage) Please multiply the no of A4 sheets by 5g and add the weight of the envelope you require (see above table). Use that weight in the table below to see how much the postage is. Add the cost of the envelope (see above) to the postage and you got the cost for p&p. weight postage in pounds sterling (2.4 DM = 1 pound) ----------------------------------------------------------------- 0 to 20 g 0.42 20 to 50 g 1.25 50 to 100 g 2.08 100 to 250 g 3.33 250 to 500 g 5.0 Step 2: (Photocopies) Please multiply the number of photocopies (A4s) by 4p (4 pence per photocopy). Step 3: (Total) Add the cost of the photocopies and the cost of p&p, now you have the total cost which you should enclose in stamps together with your order.