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                                 From: K2H (Ron Boyce) Subject: CORRECTION (ISSUE 49) The Gremlins also appear to have had a go at my ELECTRICITY/GAS CONSUMPTION PROGRAM in UTILITIES MENU 2. ITEM H. In the EleMenu Program the following lines should be added:- 732 IF w%>9 AND w%<17 THEN PRINTTAB (1,22)" Is that correct? Y/N ":A= GET:PROCclear2 734 IF A=89 OR A=121 THEN PROCclear2: GOTO 740 736 IF A=78 OR A=110 THEN PROCclear2: GOTO720 EDITOR..... Corrected in V2 of 8BS 49.  From: D7Y (ANDREW MEDWORTH) Subject: Banner Text Progs N.B. If using these progs on a BBC B, they will need to relocate themselves otherwise they will not run. Just delete line 750 in both BANNER1 and BANNER3.  From: D6F (JOHN CRANE) Subject: MENU Just a short comment.I note from 8BS`50 that Chris has made some improvements to the menu system.I don't know what you've done Chris,but it's brilliant.I often read 8BS discs through the BEEB emulator on my A3010 and I've had 1 or 2 difficulties. 8BS`49 caused most problems. Anyway with the latest iss there's no problems whatsoever. Spot on. EDITOR. Jonathan Harston got his hands on the menu system and cleared up a lot of problems.  From: 0E7 (Fred Nevin) Subject: LOTTERY EDITOR Thank you once again Chris for casting your SPELL over the LOTTERY program It works like a CHARM Pure MAGIC  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: Teletext Editor (CJR-11) Recently I bought Chris's TelEdit disc, and I have some comments to make on it. Overall the package is very good, with excellent editing facilities. I particularly liked the pixel editing mode, where you can press Q,W,A,S,Z, or X to invert a single graphics pixel. The small font system is also very clever, although the fonts themselves leave something to be desired, being rather jaggy and awkward. This can't be helped, of course, because of the extremely low graphics resolution of mode 7. The large font system is OK. The fonts are nice, but I wish their filenames described them better, for example there is a font larger than XLARGE, obscurely named F2! This problem can be easily solved by renaming the fonts. The result of the display file creator is very impressive - very fast scroller, and pressing SPACE returns to the $ directory, and CHAINs a file called MENU. Very clever. Altogether a very worthwhile program, well done. 9/10.  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: PD Catalogue (TBI-00) No serious 8BSser should be without a catalogue of our enormous software library, and this is it. It is very good, but it could be improved. The catalogue itself is not in the scrolling article form often used by 8BS, but in another form. Z and X move you through the file in different directions a screenful at a time, a very slow process. I presume this is done for ease of editing, but wouldn't it be better to have a TelEdit file of the catalogue which could be edited by Chris at his leisure, and from which he can create scrolling files? The search option is also very slow - can't this be speeded up in some way? It must be possible. Very useful program despite the deficiency in speed - score 7/10. EDITOR. JGH has recently improved the catalogue display. The catalogue is too big to be turned into a *RUN file! Can anyone help with the search? I have not the time now to improve that.  From: Roy Dickens Subject: This here I ntelligence Q uotient wotsit. In the issue no. 48 I was given a lift up by 3PM DERRICK P-J (I am walking ten feet tall). D P-J reckons that, in a roundabout way, my IQ may not be too low. I think he is right because I recently found out about BITS and BYTES. It is not a KITKAT with a bit to break off and a byte to eat. Also I now know that a semiconductor is not a part-time bus person. But I was fooled at first with my new computer. I could not get the foot pedal to work.It turned out to be a thing that you push along the flat surface that you work on. The surface has now been extended by five feet because I keep running out of room to push the darn thing. The small disks must be kept in their plastic cases because they are a job to get out and are too floppy when I tried them in the drive. So Derrick, I think you are right my IQ rating is going up. PS. I am very proud to let you all know that I managed to complete a jig-saw in the record time of six months. Now that is good because it said 2 to 4 years on the box! I will join MENSA or what ever it is called when they stop putting that puzzle in their adverts.  From: D8F (Brian Jones) Subject: Alien Astronomers say that other Galaxies exist where they would expect to find Planets and Life. It is uncertain what form this Life takes. I would favour the humanoid form as this has proved to be adaptable to all types of activities and there is scope for different variations of it So there is a possibility that these forms of Life have developed flying craft to explore space which have to travel at high speeds to cover large distances (this is happening now on Earth) and it is likely that these craft are flying around Earth's sky. It is fact that a small percentage of sightings cannot be explained away by natural or man made phenomena. If they are out there, why have they not made an open approach to the people on Earth - perhaps there are some kind of ethical reasons or after watching people and Nations destroying all forms of life on this Planet they have decided to keep their secrets to themselves. On the other hand, contact may hve been made to the Governments of this World that is kept secret, who knows? - What do you think of the new Space Shuttle - is that a natural step from large Rockets or do you think they have had some help from out there The ALIEN article mentioned Time Travel which does not seem to be physically possible. Past events would have to be consistently occuring for Time Travellers to see them. Although future events have yet to happen they are being affected by our actions in the present - but that is not to say that these events have not left some kind of impression - like a tape recording - and that it may be possible to develop a sixth sense to read them - what do you think ? The ALIEN article seemed to imply that human beings were only flesh and blood. My understanding of it is that human beings are dual in nature i.e merged with the physical body is an awareness or consciousness that is not made of physical material such as flesh and blood etc. Without this merging there can be no existing in the physical world. They merge on birth and part on death. The physical body returns to it's basic elements and the awarenes or concsiousness remains in space and time somehow until such time that it is reborn in another body. In a word reincarnation There is no conflict in my mind about God versus Evolution. God created the principles and laws that govern all things and from these everything evolved. For instance, games of all kinds have rules and regulations but what devlops or evolves during play is something else. We do not see the rules and regulations or the laws and principles behind creation only the result but they are there to be discovered...........Bye                    