8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                      From: D8J (JOHN ROBSON) Subject: GENERAL I LOVE BOOT FAIRS AND SO DOES MY DEAR WIFE,WE OFTEN GO TO THE ASHFORD ONE IN KENT, WHERE I MET A CHAP ALSO INTO THE BBC RANGE OF COMPUTERS WHO PUT ME IN TOUCH WITH THE 8BS CLUB SO NOW I HAVE BEEN A MEMBER FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS I LOOK FORWARD TO RECEIVING THE MONTHLY DISC FROM CHRIS. I STARTED WITH THE ELEC. WHEN THEY FIRST CAME OUT THEN TO THE BBC'S AND NOW TO THE MASTER OF WHICH I HAVE TWO THESE MAINLY COME FROM BOOT FAIRS AND ALSO THE DISC DRIVES AND A LOT OF OTHER BITS AND PIECES I AM 55 AND I AM JUST MOVING BACK TO ESSEX MY HOME COUNTY AFTER THE UMPTEENTH MOVE. I AM VERY INTERESTED IN UFO'S AND ALL THAT KIND OF STUFF AS WELL AS THE PYRAIMDS OF EGYPT. WE ALSO HAVE A GREAT LOVE FOR ANIMALS AND WAS VERY INTERESTED IN THE ARTICLE ON GREYHOUNDS IT SEEMS A GREAT SHAME THAT MANKIND DOES THIS SORT OF THING TO THESE WONDERFUL CREATURES THAT PUT SO MUCH TRUST IN US, I WONDER WHAT THEIR REACTION WOULD BE IF WE PUT THE OWNERS THROUGH THE SAME KIND OF TREATMENT. NOTHING TO DO WITH COMPUTERS I KNOW, BUT IF ANY ONE WOULD LIKE A DISCUSSION ON THE PARANORMAL ALTHOUGH QUITE NORMAL AFTER YOU KNOW A LITTLE BIT THEN LETS START I THINK MARTIN 4WL HAS STARTED THE BALL ROLLING WITH HIS ARTICLE ON ISSUE 50 OF THE 8BS DISC.  From: K8P (Brian Tallowin) Subject: advert for poems Maze of Life published in Inspirations from East Anglia Jan 96 Holme Beach published in Poetic Hideaways May 96 from Anchor Books 1-2 Wainman Road, WOODSTON PETERBOROUGH PE2 7BU tel 01733-230761  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: I am only trying to help! If CHRIS (our Ed.) needs answers to help him with his exams. This list will give him full marks! Artery -The study of paintings. Bacteria -Back door to the cafeteria. Barium -What the doctors do if treatment fails. Bowel -A letter like A-E-I-O-U. Caesarean Section -A district in Rome. CAT Scan -Serching for a kitten. Cauterize -Made eye contact with her. Coma -A punctuation mark. D & C -Where Washington is. Enema -Not a friend. Hangnail -Coat hook. Impotent -Distinguished, well-known. Labour Pain -Getting hurt at work. Medical Staff -A doctor's cane. Morbid -A higher offer. Nitrate -Cheaper than day rate. Node -Well aware of. Outpatient -Person who has fainted. Papsmear -Fatherhood test. Pelvis -Brother to Elvis. Postoperative -Letter carrier. Prostate -Flat on your back. Recovery Room -Place to do upholstery. Rectum -Darn near killed him! Rheumatic -Amorous Secretion -Hiding something. Tablet -A small table. Terminal illness -Getting sick at the airport. Tibia -Country in North America. Tumour -More than one more. Urine -Opposite of "You're out". Varicose -Near by. Vein -Conceited, stuck up. (List taken from a PC PD)  From: D2N (Vic Horgan) Subject: GENERAL MESSAGES To Whom It May Concern: My Message Disc is a mess! Over the last 3 issues I put in some messages and adds.Some of these were O.K.Some others -Chris said- were not on the disc.It is possible that I inadvertently ( a euphemism for "stupidly" ) rubbed them out. Anyway I apologise to members who did not get my thanks, etc.Here, on a brand new virgin disc, are one or two that I think were missed. TO D6U (SYD): Time's Winged Chariot: Do not apologise Syd. You might be a month older than I but I bet I LOOK years older than you. People stop me in the street and ask if I have had my telegram from the Queen yet! I do not feel that I am growing older just that people around me seem to be getting younger. I had two uncles in the Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders and my mother came from a long line of anti-Sassenach Scots. Your name is not particularly Scottish, but then neither is mine. It is Irish - but we keep quiet about that ! Best wishes. Vic. TO BRIAN RAW K6N I do not know if my message of thanks got through to you.If not then I am very grateful for the Colossus 4 Chess. It was kind of you.I said in the original message that I did not know your address else I would have written. Best wishes. Vic.  From: D2N (Vic Horgan) Subject: GENERAL A Little Bit of Sentimentality. (Nothing to do with computers,modems,software,hardware or kitchenware.) I found this poem during a clear out of the loft.I think I wrote it hundreds of years ago for my college magazine.Then, it was a bit of egotistical show-off.Now, in my old age, it says something to me about getting old, losing friends and nostalgia: WHEN WE REMEMBER When we remember how our days once knew The warmth of love and friendship - changing days The call of youthful ideals ringing true, The moments moving in such gracious ways; Then we are all constrained to hidden tears, To think nostalgic things, to know regret, For lost ambitions and the wasted years, For friends and places that we once loved - yet; Thinking on this, peace comes to us again, For we have known some magic fruits of life, In love and laughter and in sweet refrain, The thrill of challenge, overcoming strife - Then sadness flies - we move again in dreams, And hidden glory overwhelming seems. Hope I haven't depressed the other mature members of the Group. Right! Back to your software,spreadsheets and megabytes. Vic.  From: D2G ((Neil Parry)) Subject: Elephants & Chimpanzees                             Mr Richardson brought loads a gear, and a great thank you from myself to Johnathan, for giving up his home to a load of nuts for the weekend. A Brilliant time seemed to be had by all. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whilst at the meeting Paul Clucas (K6X) and I had a slight dissagrement. I would like some information from all the members to settle this dissagrement. On one sunny day of the weekend Paul and myself carried out numerous experiments to ascertain which was the correct way of counting sixty seconds without looking at a watch. (ie Elephants or Chimpanzees) I have always been told at school to count using Elephants (1 Elephants, 2 Elephants.........) At the weekend Gill phoned Chris (Arr Aint that Sweet) and he asked her what she thought was the correct way of telling time, Yes her answer was Elephants, and her daughter's answer was Elephants. As I said above, at the weekend we carried out several experiments, Due to circumstances (Beerr, Larrgger), I, feel that the experiments were flawed. However Paul was the most accurate with his Chimpanzees but that was not the issue. I said that Elephants were the correct way of telling time, Just because I can't do it it does not mean that I am WRONG!. Please Help To Settle This Argument. Yours Unfairly (D2G)  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: General (Thank-You) Thank you to everyone who sent me messages, and helped me with my Teletext adaptor. In particular, thanks to Mike Holdaway for the info on the Morely adaptor, and Derek (sorry, I've forgotten your surname!) for 2 ATS ROM images.  From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: DFS vs ADFS and the 65C02 macro assembler I've recently been writing a ROM using the 65C02 macro assembler and as I got bored waiting for it to assemble every time I made a change I started experimenting to see if I could make it faster. I was using ADFS and when I switched to DFS I found things went noticeably faster, although I can't remember any exact timings. This doesn't mean that DFS will always be faster than ADFS, but it does show that it's worth trying both if you're doing something disc intensive. I also found that not having the code displayed as it's assembled makes a surprising amount of difference to the speed (I was using mode 0, though - it's possible that displaying the code in (say) mode 7 has less effect).  To: 999 & D6G (Sprow) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: 8BS messaging system Just to reassure everyone, although the changes between versions might be extremely minor I don't just change the version numbers to make it look like I've been doing something. :-) I always feel it's best to change the version number when I make any sort of change to make it possible to differentiate between them easily. Also, although I perhaps don't stick to it rigorously, I think of the version number as having two parts. If the number is A.BB then A is the 'major revision number' and should only change if the program has been substantially altered. B is the 'minor revision number' and a change in this indicates a small alteration. If I made a 'medium sized' change then it's possible I'd increase B by more than 0.01 but I haven't had the occasion to do this yet. I hope you're all looking forward to the release of 'MessagingSystem '97' anyway...  To: 999 & D6K (M Mallett) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Dual format BBC/IBM discs This was an interesting hint, although I haven't had any reason to try it yet. It's a pity it's not possible to have the BBC format on side 0 and the IBM on the other side, as all IBM 5.25 inch drives are double sided (except possibly some very old ones) while single sided BBC drives are relatively common. I don't think this could be done without special software on the PC though, which would really ruin the whole idea. I haven't tried it, but if you've got access to an Archimedes with 5.25 inch drive then I think the following line will be equivalent to formatting the disc on a PC: *Format <drive> DOS/P You can also use the Archimedes to copy the files onto the disc, of course.                    