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                               From: 4TK (HENRY FROST) Subject: HELP I am looking for a program entitled "D.REGISTR" by C J WALDOCK published in The Micro User (date unknown). This program prints out an 'Attendance Register' presumably for a NEC P2200 printer, I want it for a Panasonic printer and hope it can be adapted if necessary. Printed below are the few lines I have of the program, the rest of it that I had has been lost but it had NO LINE NUMBERS. ||| t "D.REGISTR" ||| t BY C J WALDOCK ||| t (C) The Micro User |( t Prints attendance register |2|t NEC P2200 printer |< t send line feeds to printer |F|oscli"FX6" |P#tset margins ON PRINTER REM REM NOTE; The last line has a HASH following the 'P'. I mention this because the Hash often prints out as something different. Can somebody please help me, if not has anyone a similar program they can let me have, preferably on 5.25 disc. I need to have a column of names down the left hand side 2 inches wide with the rest of the A4 page divided into half inch squares. I am aware that I can print out the horizontal lines with a WP or Database but have to pen in the verticals, a very irksome task when I have to produce several copies at a time. Surely there must be a program somewhere to produce what I want, but failing that could some knowledgeable member produce such a program on the club disc or on a 5.25 disc for me, DFS or ADFS and any WP. If there should be such a program already available can anybody tell me where?. My grateful thanks in advance for any help forthcoming. Henry Frost 3.Rupert Road Bedford Park LONDON W4 1LU Tel:(0181) 994 1989.  From: D7Y (ANDREW MEDWORTH) Subject: Arcade Adventures I have the arcade adventures Citadel and Palace of Magic and I have been having a few problems. First, the problem with Citadel . I could probably complete the adventure if I could use the trampolines properly. If I fall on to them from a great height they work fine, but I can't seem to gain any height just climbing onto them and bouncing up and down. Do you need to time the jumps quite accurately, or something? Now to my problem in Palace of Magic. My problem in this is that I simply cannot get anywhere! Can anyone help with a hint sheet etc.? I WOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR ANY FEEDBACK. Ta. Andrew Medworth 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ OR RING 01225 422892 (Out of school hours, please!)  From: D8J (JOHN ROBSON) Subject: HELP BBC'B' ONE OF MY BBC'B's IS PLAYING UP BY SCROLLING FROM THE TOP LEFT HAND CORNER DOWN TO THE RIGHT BOTTOM CORNER THEN AFTER ABOUT 4-5 MINUTES STEADYS ITSELF ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE BUT STILL SCROLLING IN A VERTICAL POSITION ALSO AT TIMES IT WILL NOT EXCEPT THE LANG.ROM IN THE 2nd SOCKET FROM THE LEFT. THE PRINTD CIRCUIT IS ISSUE 7. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE PLEASE HELP. MY ADDRESS IS :- 62-whitehouse Road Eastwood Leigh-on-Sea Essex SS9-5SR No Tel.at moment just moved in so if one could write or put message onto 8BS message system. Many thanks to all.  From: D8J (JOHN ROBSON) Subject: HELP ACORN ELECTRON COULD ANY ONE OF OUR MEMBERSHIP PLEASE MAKE UP A LEAD TO RUN A 5.25 DISK DRIVE FROM THE BACK OF THE ACORN PLUS 3 DISK DRIVE UNIT. SO AS TO MAKE UP A TWIN DRIVE 3.5 & 5.25, IT MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE I DONT KNOW. MY ADDRESS IS:- 62-Whitehouse Road Eastwood Leigh-on-Sea Essex SS9-5SR ALL POSTAGE WILL BE REFUNDED TO ALL LETTERS OR PLEASE REPLY THROUGH 8BS MANY THANKS  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: Disc Duplicating Recently I bought the Disc Duplicator III software from Chris (BBC-132), which the PD catalogue states to be "a very successful protected disc copying program". The problem is, though, I can't make it work. The copying programs run fine, but the copy never works. It worked once on Exile, but when something went wrong with the backup and I tried to make another copy, the new copy failed on both my BBC B and my Master 128. Exile was the first thing I ever copied, and DD3 has copied nothing successfully since I made that first copy of Exile. This is annoying as the facility provided by DD3 would have been very useful. Can anybody help me at all, either with a more successful copier than DD3, or with instructions as to how to use DD3 so it actually works? You can contact me via the 8BS messaging system or at the following address:- Andrew Medworth - D7Y 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ Or ring me on 01225 422892 out of school hours please!  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: Printer DIP Switches We own an EPSON LX-86 printer, which, like most of the older range of printers, has DIP switches at the back, to do things like switching line feeds on and off, changing the form length from 11" to 12", and lots of other things like that. The problem is that these switches are infuriatingly inaccessible, being situated at the back of the printer behind all the continuous paper. The one I find I most often use is the line feed switch. People have told me that it should be left off and, when you want it on, just do a *FX6. This works on some things, but not others, the 8BS 80 column text file reader being one of the latter. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? My address is: 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ Or ring me on 01225 422892 out of school hours please!  From: D3L (STEVE MASON) Subject: MODEM I wonder if anyone out there (no, this isn't an X-File ad!!) could advise me on how to get the following set-up to operate:- 1/ Prism modem 1000 2/ CommStar ROM image 3/BBC 'B' with Aries B32 sideways fitted. I have a bulletin board phone no. which Chris kindly supplied (0121 447 8238) Upon dialling, I get through but after about 20 secounds, the connection "hangs-up" with nothing intelligible appearing on the screen. If you can help I would be delighted to hear from you. Also does anyone know if it is possible to access Internet with this equipment, and if Micronet 800 is still going? Please give me a call on 0121 550 7269 if you can help. Thanks a lot.  From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: PMS Multi-Font NTQ Wanted --> NTQ DRIVER <-- First the hard luck story .... Chapter 1 .. The Advert  Not so long ago I placed an advert in an amateur radio magazine asking for a particular item relating to the BBC'B computer. This was before I had become a member of 8BS. In answer to my add' I received a telephone call from a friendly radio operator offering me the item I required FREE of charge, he was pleased to be able to help someone who was still keeping the good old beebs going. I was very pleased and overwhelmed with his generosity as not only had he sent me the item that I had sought after but he had also sent me one or two other goodies. One of the extras was PMS (Permanent Memory Systems) Multi-Font NTQ (Near Text Quality) a typesetting package, but one of the 2 eproms was missing.  Chapter 2 .. Another Request  I wrote and thanked the sender and asked if he was to come across the missing ROM I would be very pleased to have it. Some time passed and I heard nothing and I began to wonder whether or not I had upset this kind person by asking for more. To my surprise a parcel arrived from him one day which contained the sought after ROM and even more bits for the beeb together with a promise of more as and when he came across any.  Chapter 3 .. The Heartache  I was delighted with the package and promptly set about putting the ROM into my beeb. It was giving me problems, the beeb was hanging up. I found the culprit to be my home produced startup ROM and promptly removed it from the machine, I plugged the PMS ROM back in only to get nothing. My heart sank as I looked at the PMS ROM plugged in the wrong way round, yes I had destroyed it. I really felt bad, someone had taken the time to find and send me this ROM at my request, had charged me nothing not even the postage and I had destroyed it.  Chapter 4 .. The Appeal  Yes I would appeal to all 8BS members out there. Has anyone got this package a ROM or a ROM Image of the NTQ DRIVER ROM. I feel I must restore this software and will not be happy until I do or at least have a very good try.   I would be most pleased to hear from anyone that may be able to help me restore this package ........ Please 'phone or fax 0181 599 2541 or write 106 Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex. RM6 6UU. Thanks Mike.    From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: User Manual Wanted I am looking for a user manual for the             Please 'phone/fax on 0181 599 2541  From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: DESPERATELY WANTED In the 8BS-50 magazine I was looking for 4 items, well, so far so good 2 out of 4 can't be bad but I do desperately need to find the following ...                       I have recently up-dated a friend's BBC B computer but to complete the transformation I need the above board. Rightly or wrongly I am convinced that somewhere out there lurking in the dust must be at least one, so please don't let this sick BBC fade away pining for extra RAM. Should you call the bickies are chocolate this time round to nibble with your cuppa .... Phone or Fax on 0181 599 2541. call or write ... 106 Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex. RM6 6UU. Thanks for your help Mike.  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Help Requested (Monitors) I would like to thank everyone who has sent me messages regarding connecting a Master to an AKF18 monitor. I have recieved a few contradicting answers. So I have decided to give some more info about the monitor. The AKF18 a Multiscan Monitor. It has a horizontal sync of 5-38Khz, and a vertical sync of 47-90Hz. It has a bandwith of 45Mhz. It has a RGB - Analog 0.7vp-p video input, and a seperate or composite TTL input Sync. (whatever that means!) THE AKF18 have two types of plugs on it. The first, is the standard 15 pin plug which has the following pinout: 1 Red Signal 9 NOTHING 2 Green Signal 10 Digital Ground 3 Blue Signal 11 Digital Ground 4 Ground 12 NOTHING 5 Ground 13 Horizontal Sync 6 Red Return 14 Vertical Sync 7 Green Return 15 NOTHING 8 Blue Return The monitor can also be fitted with a 9 pin adaptor plug, which has the following pinout: 1 Red Signal 6 Red Return 2 Green Signal 7 Green Return 3 Blue Signal 8 Blue Return 4 Composite Sync 9 Ground 5 NOTHING So does this give anyone a better idea. Is it definatley possible/impossible. I would be greatful if anyone could give me a ring on 0181 5241210.  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: HELP REQUESTED (graphics) On the ADFS version of 8BS-43 magazine, there was 2 programs to convert between Archimedes, and BBC mode 0 pictures. Does anyone have a similar program, but for converting Archimedes mode 1 and 2 pictures into BBC mode 1 and 2 pictures.  From: D6K (Mike Mallett) Subject: Master video output How can I get the Master to output in colour on the composite video output ? On the B a link has to be changed but I cannot find how to do this on the Master.  From: D6K (Mike Mallett) Subject: hard disc and CP/M I have a Master with a hard disc which can run ADFS and DOS PLUS. I also have an Acorn Z-80 which runs CP/M - so far I have been told it is not possible to get this to run from the hard disc. Can anyone prove otherwise ? Might be interested in other co-processors if they are going spare.                    