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                                   From: D7Y (ANDREW MEDWORTH) Subject: WANTED Does anyone out there have any old Micro User magazines they are willing to lend me for a short space of time - just long enough for me to photocopy a few pages? I am particularly interested in any Micro Users from 1988 backwards. HERE IS MY ADDRESS :- Andrew Medworth 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ OR Ring me (outside school hours, please) on 01225 422892. I would be very grateful if anyone with the issues I am interested in would contact me soon! TA. Andrew Medworth (D7Y)  From: D7Y (ANDREW MEDWORTH) Subject: WANTED Does anybody have any commercial adventures they are willing to sell me? Or any adventure game creators such as The Quill, ALPS etc.? I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL FOR ANY FEEDBACK. My address is: 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ Or you can ring me (out of school hours please) on: 01225 422892. Many thanks. Andrew Medworth (D7Y)  From: D7Y (ANDREW MEDWORTH) Subject: WANTED A request from Dad:- Does anyone have a colour MONITOR that they are willing to sell fairly cheaply? Obviously there is not much chance that anyone has one, as they will probably be using it in their setup. It must be compatible with the BBC B and must also be a monitor as opposed to a TV. Feedback will be gratefully welcomed. Address:- 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ Tel. (01225) 422892 preferably Wednesdays. EDITOR... I have got some good ones in at £30  From: D8J (JOHN ROBSON) Subject: WANTED URGENTLY WANTED URGENTLY WANTED DOS SYSTEM DISCS (5.25) FOR IBM XT MODEL 286 PLUS ANY OTHER USEFUL DISCS FOR THE ABOVE WILL SEND UNFORMATTED DISCS FOR THE ABOVE IF YOU CAN HELP. ALSO IF I COULD PURCHASE A OPERATING HAND BOOK ALSO FOR THE ABOVE OFF ONE OF OUR ESTEEMED FRIENDS OUT THERE I WOULD BE MOST GRATEFUL. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO PURCHASE AN AMSTRAD KEYBOARD FOR THE PC1640MD MUST BE IN GWO AND CLEAN MY ADDRESS IS 62-Whitehouse Road Eastwood Leigh-on-Sea Essex SS9-5SR No tele. at moment just moved in. ALL POSTAGE WILL BE REFUNDED OR  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Wanted (DISKS) Could someone please send me a copy of the ADFS version of the Acorn User subscribers disk from March 1992 (issue number 116). Thankyou. ADDRESS: Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG.                    