8-Bit Software Online Conversion

For the Adverts Menu Fred Price, 8 Orchard St, Pallion, Sunderland City, Wearside, SR4 6QL 0191 567 9135 With reference to the Apple Classic II Add in issue 50 In a package I bought a short while ago there were some Discs and Manuals for the APPLE II computer. Now what they are and what's on the discs I don't know as I can't read them, to me they are only fit for reusable discs. Bin the books, it's a pity but that's how it is. So if they are any good to someone, make me an offer. With P&P and they are yours. The package contains the following with the Approx Weight of 5 Pounds: VISICALC Program with guide Disc 1 Super Expander 80.2 DOS 3.3 Ver 8.8 Guide Discs 2 The Expander works with Visicalc APPLE PLOT General plotting prog Guide Disc 1 The GO-BETWEEN Disc 1 APPLE WRITER I.I Text Processing System Disc 1 APPLE WRITER " " Backup Disc 1 DOS 3.3 System Master Disc 1 " " BASICS Disc 1 Barcode Reader Disc 1 Enhanced Centronics Graphic Software Disc 1 Games ???? Disc 1 Reference and Tutorial Manuals 2 I was at a boot sale and I noticed one of these computers complete with two drives and monitor. I asked how much it was and he said sorry, it has been sold. I asked how much it was and he told me the price £5 and you wonder was it a good buy or just a heap of junk.