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              From: K8P (Brian tallowin) Subject: poems Clouds of Rain Clouds,creatures of the sky, Dark steathly growing giant Anvils of thunder, Hopefully only Rain, Sunlight shines through chinks in prevading cloak, Gossomer streaks of silk against evening sky, V formation of seagulls heading seawards, Heralding fine weather tomorrow. Subject: poem Ripples in a pool Ripples of kindness In a changing pool Radiating outwards Touching,changing life Merging,seeding ripples In distant pools. Subject: poem Tides Where ever we start from, trawling the sea, Their will be stormy passages, Calm moments of throughtfulness, Grateful for the Ebb and Flow, We keep baleing,thankful for the landfall, Everbody will have to be concerned, If the Sun rises in the West* Subject: poem Maze of Life Early on we have entered the Maze, Intrigued by the pathways of diverse oppunities and temptations, Possible delightiful branches, with sometimes pathways merging; But realising we can only go forward Through experiences and friendly guides, We gather glimpses of the whole, Passing on our gathered glimpses to our children; As they grow, so does the Maze; Taking comfort that for over 250years, We have been generating Mazes: Subject: poem Secrect Garden We tend secrect garden of ideas, Ripples of throughts germinate ideas, Nutured with caring interest, Shadows of Nanny state hinder their growth, Uniting ideas form seed, Capsules of essence passed on, Remaining dormant for favourable spring, Germinating by kindly elements of spring; So the cycle spins eriching the Earth* Subject: poem Dance of Ages As young children ,we go to birthday parties, As teens dancing and music, Realising emerging maturity, Twenties relationships in sports and clubs, New family life hopfully leading to christening; Later anniversaries and grandchildren hopefully realised, Finally depature of friends, May the Dance of Ages be fulilled* Subject: poem Circle of Light When creating the circles, We guide the journey of our children, Not knowing the moments of life ahead Providing support to maintain the circle; Hoping as the path of the circle grows, That they will link with other circle, So creating circles linked by generations, Linked circles are far stronger to life's moments than squares. Subject: poem Tides of Time Where ever we start from, Sailing the changing seas, Crashing waves of foaming sea, With quite moments of reflection, Seaching for sheltered habour, Offering peaceful mooring, Grateful for the Landfall. Subject: poem Rainbow Freindship can transverse time and space, Moving through the ages of growth, Like a Oak tree growing in the forest, Always there,growing maturity, Offering inspiration of a beautiful world, Or shelter from Life's showers, Being able to offer more as the friendship matures, Hue of Rainbow coluors,the strands of friendship. Subject: poem Flight When the Kestrel effortlessy rides the wind, Harries the field and hegderow, Viewed from the cars hurrying to work, Freedom of the sky ,you think he has; But a price he pays,his existence depends on survival skills, Like you ,he has family to feed, Knowing where the vole or mouse may feed, Struck by feathered lightening bolt; Harvest mouse was gathering grasses for his nest, Kestrel's family will feed today. Subject: poem Oak tree Standing in a wood or hedgerow senitenel, You are one of Nature's protectors, Nuturing diverse life, Wether offering shelter,or food for your young, Centuries have passed beneath you, Drawing nourishment from Earth & Sun, Offering umbrella of support to their countless lifestyles. Subject: poem Seasonal Thoughts Winter's shorter days give time to think, Spring hearlds the bursting of new growth, Gaining strength from longer sunlite days, Hopefully prospering through the Summer, Autumn's raking of fallen leaves like shedded thoughts. Subject: poem Holme Beach On annaul pilgrimge to Holme, Where the Sea goes out forever, Exposing acres of myriad shell strewn sand, We encamp like Bedouin for the day, Children explore the shoreline, Where lies the rainbow beauty of Nature, Oysters,mussels,clams show the growth of time, Ultimatley turning to sea washed sand, As evening approaches,the Sea extinguishes the Sun until the morning, Happy children weaving across the shells, with laiden buckets of treasures, Travelling homeward with memories of Summer day:                    