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Smile Poem. PRINTER READY! - Listing

10*KEY2 RUN |M 20CLS:VDU1,24:REM Clear input Buffer 30VDU2 40VDU1,14:PRINTSPC(15)"A SMILE" 50VDU1,14:PRINTSPC(15)"*******"' 60: 70PRINTSPC(18)"A smile costs nothing, But gives much," 80PRINTSPC(6)"It enriches those who r eceive it, Without making poor those wh o give," 90PRINTSPC(4)"It takes but a moment, But the memory of it sometimes lasts for ever," 100PRINTSPC(6)"And none is so rich or mighty that he can get along without it, " 110PRINTSPC(10)"And none is so poor bu t that he can be made rich by it,"' 120: 130PRINTSPC(19)"A smile creates happin ess in the home" 140PRINT"It fosters good will in busin ess, and it is the countersign of frien dship," 150PRINTSPC(10)"It brings rest to the weary, Cheer to the discouraged," 160PRINTSPC(5)"Sunshine to the sad, A nd it is natures best antidote for troub le,"' 170 : 180PRINTSPC(10)"Yet it cannot be bough t, Begged, Borrowed or stolen," 190PRINTSPC(1)"For it is something tha t is of no value to anyone until it is g iven away," 200PRINTSPC(2)"Some people are too tir ed to give you a Smile, Give them one o f yours," 210PRINTSPC(8)"As none needs a Smile s o much as he who has no more to give."' 220VDU1,14:PRINTSPC(15)"*******" 230VDU3:END 240REM"  250REM"       270REM" Author 280REM" Unknown 290REM" Modified By Fred Price 300REM" 24/2/94 310REM"  320REM" SAVE"ASMILE"