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Diet - Listing

4MODE7 5REM DIET PROG (C) KEITH JOHNSON 10CLS 11@%=&20106 12PROCweight 13CLS 15VDU14 17PRINT TAB(3,6)"Planned diet, if you want a printout press P else press s pace bar" 20LET A=0 21A$=GET$:IF INKEY(-99) THEN GOTO 30 ELSE GOTO 23 23VDU2 24*FX5,1 25*FX4,8 26*FX6,10 30LET A=0 32FOR Y=1 TO 7 35LET pointer=5000+A 40RESTORE pointer 50READ day$ 60LET N1=RND(10) 70LET N2=RND(11)+99 80LET N3=RND(46)+199 90LET N4=RND(13)+299 100RESTORE 10000 110FOR X=1 TO 79 120READ N,FOOD$,FAT 130PROCchoose 140NEXT X 150PRINT day$ 160PROCmenu 170LET A=A+10 180NEXT Y 185GOTO 30 190DEFPROCchoose 192IF N2=100 AND N3>=241 THEN LET N2=1 01 200IF N1=N THEN LET lunch$=FOOD$ 210IF N1=N THEN LET fatlunch=FAT 220IF N2=N THEN LET a1stcourse$=FOOD$ 230IF N2=N THEN LET fat1=FAT 240IF N3=N THEN LET a2ndcourse$=FOOD$ 250IF N3=N THEN LET fat2=FAT 260IF N4=N THEN LET a3rdcourse$=FOOD$ 270IF N4=N THEN LET fat3=FAT 280ENDPROC 290DEFPROCmenu 300IF fatlunch+fat1+fat2+fat3>10 THEN GOTO 60 302LET f=fatlunch+fat1+fat2+fat3 303IF f<=6 THEN LET f=f+4 310PRINT"fat units =";f 320PRINT"breakfast cornflakes with ski mmed milk coffee without suga r" 330PRINT"lunch ";lunch$ 340PRINT" coffee without suga r" 350PRINT"dinner ";a1stcourse$ 360PRINT" ";a2ndcourse$ 370PRINT" ";a3rdcourse$ 380PRINT" coffee without suga r" 382IF fatlunch+fat1+fat2+fat3<6 THEN P RINT"drinks half pint of silver top milk and any diet low cal drinks" 384IF fatlunch+fat1+fat2+fat3>=6 THEN PRINT"drinks skimmed milk and any die t low cal drinks" 390PRINT" " 400ENDPROC 450DEFPROCweight 460PRINT TAB(3,6)"Before starting to d iet see if you are overweight" 470INPUT TAB(3,8)"Enter your weight in stones "w 480INPUT TAB(3,9)"Enter your height in inches "ht 490INPUT TAB(3,10)"Enter your sex pres s M or F "gender$ 500 IF gender$="M" THEN GOTO 560 ELSE GOTO 510 510REM FEMALE 515LET x=70-ht 516IF ht<60 THEN x=1 520LET highwt=(11.5/70*ht)-x*0.25 530LET lowwt=(10.5/70*ht)-x*0.25 540LET targetwt=(lowwt+highwt)/2 550 GOTO 600 560REM MALE 570LET highwt=ht/72*13.5 580LET lowwt=ht/72*11.5 590LET targetwt=(lowwt+highwt)/2 600IF w<=highwt AND w>=lowwt THEN PRIN T TAB(3,15)"You do not need to diet. You are close to your optimum we ight which is ";targetwt" stones" 610IF w>highwt THEN PRINT TAB(3,15)"Yo u should diet to your optimum we ight which is ";targetwt" stones" 620IF w<lowwt THEN PRINT TAB(3,15)"You should eat more not less to att ain your optimum weight which is ";targetwt" stones" 630 PRINT TAB(3,20)"Press space bar" 640A$=GET$:IF INKEY(-99) THEN 650 650ENDPROC 5000DATA Monday 5010DATA Tuesday 5020DATA Wednesday 5030DATA Thursday 5040DATA Friday 5050DATA Saturday 5060DATA Sunday 10000DATA 1,cheese sandwich,1.5 10010DATA 2,cheese salad sandwich,2 10020DATA 3,turkey salad sandwich,1 10030DATA 4,ham salad sandwich,1 10040DATA 5,salad sandwich,0.5 10050DATA 6,corned beef salad sandwich,1 .5 10060DATA 7,ham salad sandwich,1 10070DATA 8,egg sandwich,2.5 10080DATA 9,ham salad sandwich,1 10090DATA 10,salad sandwich with mayonna ise,1 10100DATA 100,baxters chicken broth,0 10110DATA 101,minestrone soup,1 10120DATA 102,boots shapers tomato soup, 0.5 10130DATA 103,boots shapers vegetable so up,0 10140DATA 104,batchelors slim a soup bee f and tomato,0 10150DATA 105,batchelors slim a soup bee f and tomato,0 10160DATA 106,boots shapers beef and veg etable soup,0.5 10170DATA 107,boots shapers tomato soup, 0.5 10180DATA 108,boots shapers oxtail soup, 1 10190DATA 109,boots shapers vegetable so up,0 10195DATA 110,minestrone soup,1 10200DATA 200,crab salad with egg no dre ssing,3.5 10210DATA 201,grilled plaice boiled pota toes and peas,2 10220DATA 202,menu master chicken chow m ein with noodles,2.5 10230DATA 203,menu master sheperds pie,5 .5 10240 DATA 204,menu master somerset chic ken and veg bake,2 10250DATA 205,menu master beef stew and dumpling,3 10260DATA 206,sardine salad no dressing, 4 10270DATA 207,menu master beef provencal with veg and rice,2.5 10280DATA 208,findus lean cuisine bavari an meatball casserole,2.5 10290DATA 209,crab salad with egg no dre ssing,3.5 10300DATA 210,findus lean cuisine beef j ulienne with rice,2 10310DATA 211,findus lean cuisine chicke n and oriental vegetables with rice,2 10320DATA 212,tuna in brine (drained) le ttuce and kellogs rice,0.5 10330DATA 213,findus lean cuisine beef a nd pork cannelloni with mornay sau ce,3 10340DATA 214,findus lean cuisine chicke n a l'orange with almond rice,1.5 10350DATA 215,healthline chicken cacciat ore,1.5 10360 DATA 216,healthline chili con carn e,2 10380DATA 218,healthline elizabethan spi ced beef,1.5 10390DATA 219,steak and onions and chips ,8.5 10400DATA 220,sausage and mash,8.5 10410DATA 221,cross and blackwell wholew heat spagetti in tomato sauce,0.5 10420DATA 222,menu master lasagne,3.5 10430DATA 223,heinz baked beans with tom ato sauce and toast,1.5 10440DATA 224,egg and mushroom salad,2 10450DATA 225,boiled or roast potatoes h artleys carrots peas or sweetcorn, 0.5 10460DATA 226,ross 7 inch ham and mushro om pizza,6 10470DATA 227,ross 7 inch cheese and tom ato pizza,6.5 10480DATA 228,3oz plaice fried in breadc rumbs mashed or boiled potatoes and veg ,4.5 10490DATA 229,3oz prawn salad with egg,3 10500DATA 230,pork chop (fat removed) gr illed baked potatoes and veg,4.5 10510DATA 231,roast pork 2oz with baked potatoes and veg,4 10520DATA 232,john west crab white rice and lettuce,1.5 10530DATA 233,findus lean cuisine bavari an meatball casserole,2.5 10540DATA 234,findus lean cuisine cod wi th broccoli,4 10550DATA 235,findus lean cuisine cod fl orentine,3 10560DATA 236,healthline liver mexicaine ,2 10570DATA 237,potato carrot and veg cass erole,4 10580DATA 238,hotpot,5 10590DATA 239,vesta beef risotto,1.5 10600DATA 240,mc cain oven meal,8 10601DATA 241,chicken boiled potatoes an d veg,4 10602DATA 242,chicken boiled potatoes an d veg,4 10603DATA 243,chicken boiled potatoes an d veg,4 10604DATA 244,chicken boiled potatoes an d veg,4 10605DATA 245,chicken boiled potatoes an d veg,4 10610DATA 300,boots or john west fruits in natural juice or low calorie syrup ,0 10620DATA 301,libbys or nutradiet fruits in natural juice,0 10630DATA 302,boots or john west fruits in natural juice with 0.25 pint custa rd,2 10640DATA 303,orange or apple,0 10650DATA 304,2oz portion of ice cream,1 .5 10660DATA 305,creamed rice,2.5 10670DATA 306,slimcea very low fat yogur t,0 10680DATA 307,ross creme caramel,0.5 10690DATA 308,orange and cherries no top ping,0 10700DATA 309,small jam tart,1 10710DATA 310,peaches with melon chunks, 0 10720DATA 311,peaches with cream,3 10730DATA 312,orange or apple,0