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                                From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: The New Menu. May I thank all the members who have helped to make the menu what it is over the years. It has become very swish with the posh layout, graphic headings and footings, fancy borders and all. Lots of colour and easy to use.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: That lost weekend! By Paul Clucas K6X. (Issue 51) I really enjoyed Paul's write-up about the get-together. Press-ganged into doing the article he made a good job of it. What we will have to study carefully is the next 8-BIT balance sheet. Now I think that mushy peas will be acceptable on the expenses side but as for all of the tinny's and falling-down-water!...."We ended up talking about chimps and elephants" he reckons!....Should it have been staggering like chimps and seeing elephants of the pink variety? Well done to all of you who managed to get there. Especially Paul with his seven hour journey. Now that is what I call a real devoted member. The only pink things I remember seeing were the faces of the people trying to climb them thar hills! (Cluke)  D6G Sprow QUIDFIX ======= I shall be disappointed if I receive any letters asking for items to be fixed,or when buying items,that have a hash or apostrophe instead of a pound sign. However,I have 2 changes to make,they don't affect the actual pound sign fixer. Line 150 (ish) was previously *FX3,2 which stopped all the teletext control codes going past on the screen. Chris, using a Master, found that this didn't work properly,so I looked up FX3 and I think bit3 needs setting - change this line to *FX3,10 and see if that improves it. Line 400 (ish) is half way through a PROCclearit.This is again a tweak to the "user interface". I think I sent a duff version as my copy I have on disk at home was right. Add a CLS to the PROC. That's all folks, R.P.Sprowson. Contact me at the usual address (see separate note) 8BS mail me on D6G  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: Notepad K6N's notepad program on issue 51, I found very useful indeed. I got rid of all my notes and scraps of paper that one always cannot find when it is wanted especially on programming hints and the like.  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: Geordie Brown Fred Price (3MU) and his poems; keep them coming Fred, you have some really good ones there. After they come off the printer I take them into the wife to read, and if we have had a bad day (the days are improving slowly) they do bring a smile to our faces.  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: Circles D6E'S circles; if you look at them for about 2 mins. and then look at a blank white sheet of paper you get the reverse colour. In fact they are used in certain circles to increase your awareness by acting on the central nervous system. You can also use the actual and reverse colours for walking the highways of the mind, but unless trained I would not advise trying this. If anyone is interested there is a good book if you can still get it by J.H.Brennan called "ASTRAL DOORWAYS", but it still takes a lot of training and meditation. If anyone would like to know more please contact me by letter or through 8BS or telephone. 62-Whitehouse Road Eastwood Leigh-on-Sea Essex SS9-5SR 01702-420179  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: Various Subjects The program on the PCB layout I thought was very good. The only problem I found was that you had to return to the info section for the keywords. Jolly jingles; well what can one say? Its never ending. Stereogram; wouldn't like to look at it too long- does my eyes in, and feels like lots of eyes looking at you all the time even when you press the space bar! The diet program; it was OK for my weight 11.9, but I have changed the wife's name from Sylvia to Anna Rexa. Totally wrong for her height of 5ft. Recommended by the doctor and various other people it should be 8st. Never mind can't win them all. The compression program I don't really understand at the moment until I go into it further so I can't pass any comments. The pictures of the get together; it seems like the fridge was emptied the first night but no pictures of anyone eating chip butties from the local fish & chippy On issue 50 I could not get the BANNER TEXT PRINTER PROGRAM to work on the Master, unless I was doing something wrong, which would sound about right. Large Font Text Editor; OK very impressive, I might have use for it at a later date. Issue 49; all programs very good, the one on Gas & Electricity is in use and I find it very useful,thanks. After looking and using the last 2 menu programs on the 8BS discs, I prefer the one on issue 49, to me it seems to have a better layout. -------------- OK Chris thanks anyway for another good disc and all those who take the trouble to help in preparing it, and thanks to everyone who send in their comments and ideas and programs. I find it all very interesting. Why BBC computers? Because they are the best and not too complicated and we just love them. Thats Why. One last comment; the loudspeaker high or low, keep it low and solder a miniature toggle switch in circuit and place on the back panel by the NFS socket or thereabouts and turn it off when its not wanted.                    