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To: 999 & Neil Parry From: K6X (Cluke) Subject: Primates vs Pachyderms If there is one thing I find hard to believe, it is that a grown man can not accept defeat gracefully! As you are very well aware Neil, I was far more accurate with my timing method than you were; on each occasion I was accurate to within +/- 2, that's TWO seconds, whereas your best effort was more than 15, ho!ho! FIFTEEN seconds out, something you forgot to mention when you sent in your pathetic message asking the membership to support your lost cause. To sit there and say that just because you cannot make it work does not mean you are wrong, smacks of King Canute trying to turn back the rising tide! Whilst still in Sheffield at Jonathan's, you said that you would send in a message for the next issue and open up the topic for discussion amongst the membership, but I did not expect your message to take the form of a whinge! Did you honestly expect to drum up much support? There is only ONE message in your support on this disc but that is from Yorkshire, which as an independant nation with their own language, has a different view of almost everything to the rest of the known world anyway. I am sure 8BS has better things to publish than sad messages from bad losers! I know you live 20-odd miles North of Watford, but I expected better of an Essex Boy! The plain truth is that my method has official Government approval! I served my telecommunications apprenticeship in The Post Office. At that time it was a Government-run organisation, and was regarded as part of the Civil Service. Therefore, it follows that methods practised by The Post Office were Government-approved. Telephones in those days had dials on them, and in order for the exchange equipment to function correctly those dials had to rotate at the correct speed in order to produce ten loop-disconnect-pulses per second (thats 10 Hz to you kids). Dials were factory-set to this speed, but over a period of usage would tend to either speed up or slow down, thus giving rise to wrong numbers, or other problems in the exchange. Along with thousands of others, I was trained to adjust the dials to the correct speed, and guess how we were taught to count seconds accurately? What a surprise- one-chimpanzee! This effective and Government-approved method kept the nation's telephones working on the old Strowger system for over sixty years until the advent of the modern digital exchanges, so I don't think you can argue with it's pedigree! Should you still feel that there is a remote vestige of validity in your claim for elephants to be used as a basis for measuring elapsed time, let me give you this final blow. A friend of mine worked at London Zoo for many years, as keeper to Guy the Gorilla. He assures me that elephants cannot count, and if anybody should know, he should. It logically follows from this that as they cannot count, there is no way that an elephant would be able to tell the time. I rest my case! EDITOR.... Come on lads, calm it down