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                      EDITOR........Sorry about putting this in here George, but as I am trying to reduce my keyboard time, this one was easiest to put in here. From: D5U (George Reynolds) Subject: VARIOUS 1.ITEMS FOR SALE  I have a large amount of software for sale. Mainly BBC & ELECTRON but also some DRAGON 32 tapes and some COMMODORE disks. Please send a LARGE SAE to the address below 2.ITEMS WANTED  1. CHEAP MODEM 2. CHEAP TELEX MACHINE 3. CHEAP PC CDS 4. MORE BBC SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE 3.HELP WANTED  In Issue 50 I saw a message from a man who wrote in The Micro User, Acorn Computing, "and now AS". He was Roy Dickens (20G). Are The Micro User and Acorn Computing still published? If so where can I get them from and where can I get AS from? I presume these mags still cover the BBC and have a cover disk? Is AS new? Somebody please tell me! ADDRESS  GEORGE REYNOLDS 41 LONDON ROAD LICHFIELD STAFFS WS14 9EP PHONE  (01543) 258032 LATE ADDITION  WANTED A BBC EMULATOR A DOUBLE DENSITY DISK FILING SYSTEM THAT I CAN INSTALL OVER ACORN DFS 1.2 AND SUPPORTS DFS 2.2J DOUBLE DENSITY DISKETTES-IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING WHICH MIGHT WORK,PLEASE PHONE ME! MANY THANKS GEORGE  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: Netstation to hit UK next year. (Teletext 2 OCT) Teletext inform us that..... The first network computer system from ACORN, NETSTATION is set to go on sale in January and will cost 349.99 pounds. The Internet connection is via ACORN's NETCHANNEL who will be using BT as the backbone provider. Herman Hauser, founder of NETSTATION and computer industry guru said: "This is the most exciting opportunity since the introduction of the BBC MICRO. Our standard is endorsed by fifty companies."  From D6G Sprow Dear All, I have a change of address. While at University (doing Electronics) Robert Sprowson, Langwith College, University of York, Heslington, YORK.YO1 5DD. This applies from 9th Oct to 13th Dec Outside these dates mail will be left rotting in my pigeon hole! Write to Robert Sprowson, 6 Bollinbrook road, MACCLESFIELD, Cheshire.SK10 3DJ. Don't worry if you've just got back from the letter box and posted it to my normal address. My parents still live there and pass on any mail on a weekly basis. 8BS mail me on D6G Robert Sprowson.  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: Quick turn around I ordered a few discs off of Chris 2J3. I sent my order off on a Wed. and I got it back on the Sat. of the same week and not damaged in any way. I might add it was first class anyway. Thanks a lot Chris for being so prompt, and thanks to Postman Pat.  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: A moving experience Why RED? Stress levels get very high when moving house. Recently we moved from Lydd in Kent back to my home town of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. We had been trying to move anywhere in the country for 3½ yrs. People coming to view and people wanting to buy- several people started to buy then could not raise the deposit. This happened 4 times then we cracked it, hooray we cried Ha Ha,(this being our 11th move in 38 years) the last move being 10yrs ago,how little we knew that things had changed so much. We had the usual people come round to inspect; building society chap then the woodworm people,Estate agent not keeping us informed of what was going on. Anyway at long last arrangements were made to move, removal people came round and gave us a very good quote we accepted. They said boxes as required. We started packing and packing AND packing- we had one room full of packed boxes.Then more stress- was the removal van going to be big enough? We phoned them three times; they said each time that the van would be big enough. Stress was going higher and higher. The morning came- we waited outside the cottage and being a narrow road,we saw the removal van turn into the road. The driver and two chaps. The two chaps had to guide the van down the road. It was GI NORMONUS, had never seen one like, it was BIG. It all went in OK and many helpers at the other end. BUT WE ARE STILL SUFFERING FROM ALL THE STRESS OF 3½yrs. If you want to move then see your doctor first, or the local offy and get plenty of alchy in to calm the nerves you're sure going to need it. Of course I got my priorities right first time- got two of my computers unpacked and running, first things first, and a week later the IBM 286 was unpacked and running in the loft,so I get the ladders out and go up there. The loft is very clean, sit on a few boxes and away we go.  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: London/Newcastle Thanks to K6X for his wonderful report for the 8BS weekend get together of which I did not attend (I was stripping 1954 wallpaper off the walls). How big was the fridge? It would have been cheaper to buy it by the barrel! Anyway, glad that everyone had a good weekend. Good job that Chris was not working though, I don't think his bosses would have liked him going via London to get to Newcastle especially if it were a 999 in the local area.  From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: Multi-two'd. In case you were wondering, 2^1000 is: 10,715,086,071,862,673,209,484,250,490, 600,018,105,614,048,117,055,336,074,437 ,503,883,703,510,511,249,361,224,931,98 3,788,156,958,581,275,946,729,175,531,4 68,251,871,452,856,923,140,435,984,577, 574,698,574,803,934,567,774,824,230,985 ,421,074,605,062,371,141,877,954,182,15 3,046,474,983,581,941,267,398,767,559,1 65,543,946,077,062,914,571,196,477,686, 542,167,660,429,831,652,624,386,837,205 ,668,069,376. Not a lot of people know that. Also, coming soon to this theatre, by popular request, the racy, glamorous thriller 2^8192, and then the exciting wide-screen epic 3^5000. Book your seats now.                    