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                               FROM D9C Subject: Hello and Help HELLO, I'm Jeff Gates, a very new member, and my ID is D9C, which shows just how new I am. You will have heard this before- 'I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BBC MASTERs', which I have been told I have. Until now I have been using an Amstrad CPC6128 with Protext ROM, with a Siren 3.5 disc drive, and an Epson LQ-100 printer....I swopped an Amstrad 464 with some bits, for my BBC Master with a double 5.25" drive, and quite a few blank discs, but no Welcome discs or manuals....I have already been in touch with Chris as you will gather. My main interest in life is researching the Flying-boats of the RAF....Over the years I have typed out the equivalent of 14 A4 ring-binders of notes....Then a brilliant idea 'why don't I put it all on disc?', hence the CPC. Of course I soon found out that I could not put line drawings onto the screen...In my 70's, I thought it would be rather stupid to go out and buy a new PC, so here I am full of questions.. ...Chris has told me that he can 'scan' anything for me, for which I am very grateful, but I am an exiled Yorkie, self-imposed I might add, so I would like to be able to do things for myself ...I know years ago there was a digital tracer on the market, which I am told would be suitable for my needs, is there one going spare?.....I am not a player of games, I will only be using 'VIEW'. As cash comes to hand I will be getting the manuals from Chris, but if anyone feels he would like to drop me a line, or if you live near, drop in, you are always in for a cup of coffee.... Where do I live I hear you ask! 2 Longfield Rd, Litherland, Liverpool, L21 8LB, Tele No 0151-933-3328, I am in every afternoon and evening. Cheerio Jeff.  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: Disc Duplicating Recently I bought the Disc Duplicator III software from Chris (BBC-132), which the PD catalogue states to be "a very successful protected disc copying program". The problem is, though, I can't make it work. The copying programs run fine, but the copy never works. It worked once on Exile, but when something went wrong with the backup and I tried to make another copy, the new copy failed on both my BBC B and my Master 128. Exile was the first thing I ever copied, and DD3 has copied nothing successfully since I made that first copy of Exile. This is annoying as the facility provided by DD3 would have been very useful. Can anybody help me at all, either with a more successful copier than DD3, or with instructions as to how to use DD3 so it actually works? You can contact me via the 8BS messaging system or at the following address:- Andrew Medworth - D7Y 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ Or ring me on 01225 422892 out of school hours please!  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: Printer DIP Switches We own an EPSON LX-86 printer, which, like most of the older range of printers, has DIP switches at the back, to do things like switching line feeds on and off, changing the form length from 11" to 12", and lots of other things like that. The problem is that these switches are infuriatingly inaccessible, being situated at the back of the printer behind all the continuous paper. The one I find I most often use is the line feed switch. People have told me that it should be left off and, when you want it on, just do a *FX6. This works on some things, but not others, the 8BS 80 column text file reader being one of the latter. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? My address is: 45 Milton Avenue Bath B&NES BA2 4QZ Or ring me on 01225 422892 out of school hours please!  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: BBC MASTER 128 I have two Master 128 both with A.D.F.S. and one with A.N.F.S. and both with the same MOS as supplied from ACORNS but the one with A.N.F.S runs about ½ the speed of the other i.e. loading & saving on disc regardless of disc drive and regardless of what Configuration you set the disc FDRIVE to,the one with ANFS I have to set to FDRIVE1 the other on FDRIVE3. Also the one with ANFS has a problem cutting in and out quite fast but only now and again can go for months then all of a sudden it will start it seems like low voltage as a relay keeps cutting in and out as well would like to know the particular output voltage & test point so that I may adjust if ness. Can anybody out there help please. My address is:- 62-Whitehouse Road Eastwood Leigh-on-Sea Essex SS9-5SR. Tel. 01702-420179  From: D8J (John Robson) Subject: Modems The idea of the 8BS club using modems I feel is a very good one and I myself would prefer to use this method of communication in general terms i.e. down loading general info such as buying,selling,wanting and general help regarding these wonderful machines or any other topic that one might get involved in. But Chris can you please suggest a good modem so that I and maybe others can start looking out for one, I have already seen several at the local car boot fairs but not sure of what to get,your advice please. EDITOR.... PLEASE SEE THE EDITORIAL. CONTACT JONATHAN HARSTON.                    