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Advert from Richard Harker (D6E) - Last updated 10th October 1996 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ============================================================================== LATE ADDITION... DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ADAPTOR TO ALLOW ME TO CONNECT A 15 PIN MONITOR, TO A COMPUTER WITH A 9 PIN OUTPUT. CAN I BUY/BORROW IT. IF ANYONE CAN LEND ME ONE, THEY CAN CHOSE A FREE LIVE TAPE FROM MY ADVERT. ============================================================================== /===========================================================================\ !! Write to - !! !! Richard Harker, Elmlea, Sewardstone road, Chingford, London, E4-7RG. !! !! !! !! Telephone - 0181 524 1210 (evenings, or weekends) !! !! !! !! Cheques to 'Richard Harker' please. !! !! !! !! All prices over £1.50 include postage, unless otherwise stated. !! !! !! !! All the items work, unless otherwise stated. !! !! !! !! All computer programs/games come with instructions, box, and ORIGINAL !! !! disks unless otherwise stated. !! \===========================================================================/ ALL THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE TAKING UP FAR TOO MUCH ROOM - OFFERS WELCOME. BBC B/MASTER PROGRAMS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ViewChart. box, manual, keystrip, disk. Mint condition. £12 * ViewSpell. box, manual, referance card, ROM, + disk. Mint condition. £12 BBC B SPARES FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All are in excelent condition, and are fully working. * Case. £10.00 * Keyboard. £15.00 * Motherboard (iss. 7) £Various * Chips. Various. £Various BBC BOOKS FOR SALE (all excellent condition) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Practical disk file techniques for BBC micro (Peter Beverly-Brown) 98pages. £4 Functional Forth for the BBC Computer (Boris Allan) 116pages. £4 Filing Systems and Databases for th BBC (Stevenson+Stevenson) 217pages. £5 Forth On The BBC Microcomputer (Richard De Grandis-Harrison) 280pages. £5.50 BBC BASIC for Beginners. (David Smith) 315pages. £6 The Complete Wordwise + Handbook (Paul Beverley) 409pages. £7 OTHER BOOKS FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sega Pro review of the year. 75p Sega Pro Essential Sega Tips. 75p Sega Pro Pro tips unlimited (Average condition). 75p Games Master Mortal Kombat 2 Bible (Average condition). 75p The Mean Machines Sega Bumbper Book Of Tips (Excellent condition). 75p The Essential Mean Machines Sega Review Guide (Excellent Condition). 75p Mean Machines, The Ultimate Tips Book (Fair Condition) 50p Archimedes PC emulator version 1.8 manual. Mint condition. £3 Archimedes instruction booklet for Saloon Cars.(Good condition) £1 ZX Spectrum +2 Manual. 331 Pages (Medium Condition) £5 PC GAMES FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Virtual worlds, has 4 3D style games, needs 8086 CGA upwards, 3.5". £4 SEGA MEGA-DRIVE GAMES FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (The Japaneese games either require an adaptor, or for your Mega-Drive to be filed down. They have instruction manuals written in Japaneese, but all onscreen text is in English) * Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - (Good Condition) £15.00 * Flashback - (Excellent Condition) £15.00 * California Games - (Good Condition) £12.00 * Revenge Of Shinobi - (Good Condition) £9.00 * Bart vs. the space mutants - £9.00 * Sonic The Hedgehog - (Medium condition) £10.00 * Aero Blasters - (Jap - Medium Condition) £7.00 * Eswat - (Jap - Medium Condition) £7.00 * Golden Axe - (Jap - Good Condition) £7.00 * Wrestle War - (Medium Condition) £7.00 * Chackan - (Fair Condition) £7.00 SEGA MASTER SYSTEM BITS FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * The Ninja (Good Condition) £5 * Spiderman (Good Condition, no instructions) £4 NINTENDO NES GAMES FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Light Gun (no box, or instructions). £5 * Duck Hunt (never used!). £5 * Skate or Die. £5 * Super Mario 3. (no box, or instructions). £5 * Game Gene (Excelent condition. Includes large book full of cheats). £10 ATARI 2600 SPARES. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Main unit. Hardly used - mint condition. Unworking. £4.50 * 32 games in one cartridge. £2.00 * Mains Adaptor. £4.50 BITS 'N' BOBS. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * 3 Chips with 12 legs on either side, 2 are labeled 8344 ET 2716Q 1 is labeled 2732AJL-35 QFP8441 I assume that these are Eproms. They are free, if you pay postage. All are from an old printer, and should be working, but are not gauranteed. * 16 way robbon cable. 70 cm long. 1 end is bare, the other is terminated in a block of plastic, with 2 sets of 8 'legs' 75p * Desktop PC case. Includes PSU, and fan. It has 2*5.25" drive bays. The PSU has an on/off switch at the back, a 240v in, and 240v out sockets, 2* 5.25" disk drive style power connectors, 2 other plugs, for connection to a mother- board, and finally a cable to the fan. This case would make a good, strong housing for a twin diskdrive system. £20 NOT INCLUDING POSTAGE. COMPUTERS/GAMES CONSOLES FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ZX81 - Unworking. £1 AUDIO CD ALBUMS FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Blur - Mod Squad (Live 'bootleg', has 19 tracks. This is VERY - £17.00 hard to get. Excellent quality recording. Brand new.) * Trumans Water - Peel sessions - £5.00 * Uzeda - Peel Sessions - £5.00 * Girls against boys - Nineties vs. Eighties - £4.00 * McCarthy - I Am A Wallet - £5.00 * Genesis - The way we walk (live). Volume two: the longs - £6.00 * S*M*A*S*H - Self Abuse - £6.00 * That Petrol Emotion - Chemicrazy - £6.00 * Greg Alexander - Intoxification - £4.00 * All Saints Calling - £5.00 ARCHIMEDES GAMES FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ZOOL (high denstiy disk, no box). £4.50 * REAL MCCOY 2 (4 games compendium. Includes Apocalypse, Holed Out. £12 The Olympics, and Inertia.) * ALERION (Risc OS 2 only). £4 * ORION (RISC OS 2 only, no instructions). £4 * STARTCH. £5 * SUPERIOR GOLF (includes course designer). £5 * THE OLYMPICS (2mb Recomended). £5 * MAD PROFESSOR MARIARTI. £5 ARCHIMEDES APPLICATIONS FOR SALE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * STARTWRITE (No box, but has 60 page manual, hardly used) £10 AUDIO TAPES FOR SALE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Singles - £3 Doubles - £5 All of these tapes are 'live bootlegs'. That means that they have been recorded in the audience at concerts, using DAT machines, or something similar. Some have been recorded from the mixing desk, which improves the quality a lot. If you ask me, I can tell you when and where (usually) they were recorded. Also I can tell you track listings for some of them. Generally speaking, each single tape is between 60, and 90 minutes, and the doubles are twice that. I only have one of each tape. (an s denotes a single tape, and a d is a double tape) The Church (2s), Julian Cope (2d), Crash Test Dummies (1s), The Cult (1s), Evan Dando (1s), Dinosaur Junior (1s), Deacon Blue (1s 1d), The Doors (1s), Drum Club + Banco De Gaia (1s), Drugstore (1s), Bob Dylan (1s), Galliano (1s), Gunshot (1s), Jeff Heally (1s), Offsprint (1s), Onyx (1s), Orb (1s), Pavement (1s), Pearl Jam (1d), Lee 'Scratch' Perry (1s), Pet Shop boys (1s), The Pouges (2s), Iggy Pop (1s), Powder (1s), Prefab sprout (1s), Charlie Pride (1s), Primal Scream (3s), Primus (1s), Primus + Tool (1s), Public Enemy (1s), Prince (8s), Prong (1s), Quensryche (1d), Radiohead (1s), Reef (2s), REM (2s 1d), Renegade Soundwave (1s), Ride (2s), Replacemets (1s), Revolutionary Dub Warriors (1s), Tom Robinson (1s), Rollins Band (3s), Rolling Stones (1s), Todd Rundgreen (1d), Rush (1d), Saint Etiene (1s), Salad (2s), Joe Satariani (1s), Saw Doctors (1d), Mike Scott (2s 1d), Schwarzenigger (1s), Siouxie And The Banshees (1s), The Smiths (1s), Smudge (1s), Sonic Youth (1s). BBC B/MASTER SOFTWARE WANTED. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clogger on ADFS 3.5" disk. COMPUTERS/HARDWARE WANTED. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Acorn Atom. Working or unworking * Z88 (including PSU memory card, etc) * Psion 3a/Pocket book 2 * 3.5" Disk drive + interface for Electron * 3.5" Disk drive for Master. Working/Unworking MAGAZINES WANTED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Acorn User, Micro User, Acorn Computing, Archimedes World, A+B Computing, R.A.D. I can pay postage, or a small amout for them. LEAFLETS WANTED - Don't chuck 'em out - send them to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * I would like any leaflets about Acorn hardware/software, like handouts from shows etc. I am collecting these for reference. I can pay postage, or a small amount for them. MUSIC WANTED. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Does anyone still own the album that Nigel Planer did, If so, do you still want it? * Absolutely anything to do with Carter USM or Jamie Wednesday wanted.