8-Bit Software Online Conversion

ARTICLES FOR SALE: Any orders (or enquiries) should be sent to: Robert Sprowson 6 Bollinbrook Road, Langwith College, MACCLESFIELD, University of York, Cheshire. Heslingtn.YORK. SK10 3DJ. YO1 5DD. [ALWAYS] [UNTIL 13th Dec] The following details the items that I currently have for sale,or want.See also the 'CUSTOM' section towards the end.Detail is given as space permits,but drop me a line if unsure. Where you see P&P<n> then 'n' is a multiple of 26p which must be added to cover postage: for example if you see P&P3 then the postage will cost 3 x 26p = 78p You may pay as follows: STAMPS CASH CHQ/P.ORDR Upto 75p * * * Upto £5 * * Over £5 * *SPECIALS This list is continually updated and the offers change monthly - send SAE for latest -FREE! black wallet with every order over £5 - just in time for the run up to Christmas. Room for notes and coins, velcro fastening. Only one wallet per person, subject to availability. -£8 OFF! 2.5kW dimmer/drill control.See RS catalogue #568-051 for specification.Suitable for resistive/inductive loads.RS price £64.£8 off until December 24th makes it £15.P&P7 (2 left) -9 FEET for 50p! Decorative Christmas garland,foil,stretching to 9': 50p P&P1 -NEW! GrabROM 1.50 Save entire 16k ROM images to disk in under 15 seconds.Uses Acorn documented calls and comes with manual on disk.Note: this is a disk based *COMMAND which installs itself in any spare page of memory.Once there,it can be recalled without needing the program disk.Changes since V1.00 include autodetect ROM length and improved user interface.Please state the address at which it is to be run (default is &C00,the Character Definition buffer).£2.50,P&P1 :NB - price includes disk. -GIFT IDEA! Lego Pirate Raft,model 6257,boxed (though not original) with original assembly instructions.Ideal Christmas present (Children over 3: contains small parts).£4+P&P2 -RECENT ADDITION! BBC Modem V21 and V23 support.Comes with original manual,comms ROM and manual,leads and list of BBS's with Acorn stuff on for you to visit.Has BT jack plug already fitted and built in power supply.BABT approved and only £14 +P&P9. -GIFT IDEA! BBC video "Red Dwarf - Smeg Ups",BBCV5406,15 certificate.Ideal Christmas present for any Dwarfer.VHS video format.£8 + P&P5 *ROMWARE -Toolkit BASIC programmer's aid (1.25b).£4 + P&P2.(2 of left) -View 3.0 in original box,manual,prompt card,function key strip,printer driver generator (also with separate manual).£10.P&P7 -View 3.0 with original manual only.£5.P&P3 -ViewSpell,mint condition box,disk,manual,prompt card and ROM.£7.P&P3 -ROM carriers,holds 3x 28-pin chips,lined with carbon foam.Sturdy black plastic with snap shut lid.NO more bent pins.£2 P&P1. (3 left) -ViewSpell,disk,ROM,and prompt card only.£5.50.P&P2 -Quest paint piggy backed ROM for WE mouse.Needs mouse as it is a spare ROM.£7 P&P3. -Non windowed BASIC II,OS 1.20,DFS 1.20 (all by Acorn). 6 + P&P1.Rid your machine of windowed ROMs: Acorn didn't release them on windowed chips.50p part exchange available. -View 1.14a.Non windowed ROM only,free to a good home.P&P1. *HARDWARE -Re-edited and re-worded manual to ATPL ROM board.Full page of diagrams and 4 pages of clear text telling you all about your board.50p.P&P1 -Brand new 60mm FAN,12v DC for cooling the innards of a computer.£11.P&P3 -RAM chips required by ATPL board or Watford ROM/RAM board to allow *LOADing of ROMs from disk.Simply plug in and you're away.£4.40 each +P&P1 (you'll need two) -Mini torch,matchbox size.Logo of insurance company on side.Requires 2AA cells.Free,P&P1. -Sideways ram chip,no need to fit a whole ROM board! comes with fitting instructions.£4+P&P2 -Kodak extra long life AA.4-pack,Card mounted.£1.20.P&P1.(4 packs left).If you buy the last 5 packs the price falls to just 25p a battery! -5.25" drive.40T/80T BBC beige,but 80T needs looking at - spares value? £3 P&P9. -5.25" drive.No case.From a PC,and fully working.£3 P&P9. -Ever Ready PP3 rechargeables.8.4v type Still on their cardboard blister packs and shop ready.Argos sell them for 7.50 each.£4.75 add P&P3. -Tandy aerobuggy remote controlled car.Black.Type 60-4081.Boxed.£5.P&P6. -BBC B Computer.Issue 7 board inside.£23.P&P9 (Price absorbs some of the P&P) -Case for Maplin 'pocket multimeter' with popstud front fastener,testlead holder & strap.Type YN65V.Ordered in error RRP£1.79 selling 90p P&P1. -BBC B with Econet upgrade fitted.Issue 7 board inside.£25.P&P9 (Price is high as P&P low) -Tandy 60in1 Electronics project lab (part# 28-256).Boxed with manual.£7 + P&P8 -BBC B with 1770 disk upgrade fitted.Issue 7 board.£30.P&P9 (Price is high as P&P low) -12" replacement fluorescent tube for battery operated emergency torch.£4.P&P7 *FRAGILE* -RS232 kit for Master Compact,give your computer a serial port (not fitted on standard model).Brand new condition,Acorn part ADF15 with full fitting instructions in several languages! £9.50.P&P2 *TOOLTIME -Green toolbox,opentop,3 compartments,handle,w10"xd15"xh5".£1.P&P6 -Junior hacksaw blades 40p each + P&P1 -Pack of 10x 13A fuses (to BS1362) £1.20 + P&P1 -30A 250v mains junction boxes,suitable for socket ring mains.£1.50+P&P2 (2 of,new unused) -Red Metal bench vice.Clamps desks upto 1" thick and jaws open to 1 ".Heavy.£3.P&P8 *MULTIMEDIA -Functional Forth for the BBC Micro.1983 Boris Allan author.Book.50p.P&P1 -BBC User guide errata (Part# 403000).Leaflet.25p +P&P1 -BASIC II User Guide.Acorn Part #980014 from February 1984.Gives an explanation of the differences from version one.18 sides long.Pamphlet.£1 P&P1 -Blank floppies.Ready formatted to 1.44M for IBM compatible PC.Can be reformatted for an extra 50p a box: MacOS,ADFS,720k,512 copro,DFS,etc...Box of 10 is half Argos price.£7+P&P3 *SOFTWARE Just a few left...these disks come with any available documentation that I have -Convert your BASIC programs into *COMMANDS which can be *RUN as though they are machine code.Price converts upto 15 programs (must not take more than 2/5 of a disk to leave space for the *RUNable versions) £2.50,P&P1 : note - price doesn't include disk -Thrust (Protected disk with a track ground out!).As above but no box.£0.60 + P&P1 -Jetpack.£0.40 + P&P1 -Exile,with cheat program from Micro User on side two.£1.25,P&P1 -Welcome cassette,boxed,with original manual.1981 BBC soft.£0.65.P&P2 -Equation V2.10.PC only.286,512k,HDisk minimum.A level standard graphical maths aid,even lists the working it is doing for you to copy off the screen.Works with linear/quadratic and circle graphs.Also has 'visualise' section to view ANY graph,regression section,intercepts section and scientific calculator.Icon driven main menu with submenus for more specific control.Disk manual postage and next version included in price of just £5. *WANTED Amounts mentioned are flexible depending on condition,extras etc... -Spare TMS6100 only (I've already got the TMS5220) 'PhromA' WILL PAY UPTO £5 -Watford BeebScan (UPTO 55) or just the interlinking junction box (UPTO £15) -Econet manuals or service guides ( NEGOTIABLE) -Opus 40/80 drive.BBC beige.Must be same design as the one I've got already.(UPTO £15) *STATIONERY Postage is 26p for upto 2 items,52p for more... Burgundy red A4 folder.............35p 5mm grid exercise book,A5 pages....20p Red biros (half dozen bundle).....100p Lego jotter,A5,brick front cover...50p Function key strips,with Acorn logo on LHS,& full 30 spaces for writing..3/30p Metal paper fasteners,bend back ears (x10),NOT brass type..................10p Squeeze seal component bags (x10)..35p Staple remover,red sprung handle...45p Treasury tags,1" length (x10)......25p Ni-cads,AA 1.2v,Uniross,bagged....100p 60m hoop of sellotape (15mm wide)..40p Velcro fastened/zip wallet.........50p Electronics apps notes (24 sides).240p Audio cassette index (inlay) cards (10 strip)..............................20p *CUSTOM Please enclose a suitable stamp(s) for my reply or so I can send back your chips -Eprom Programming fees £3 (new rom) *OR* 50p (erase your rom) plus 50p (fixed programming fee) Hence:- program new ROM = chip + programming = £3 + 50p = £3.50 + stamps erase & program old windowed ROM = erase + programming = 50p + 50p = £1.00 + stamps -Can't see what you need? Having problems with programming/hardware? Drop me a line. -I offer to fix any 8 bit Acorn related hardware.Please write for an estimate before sending off hardware.Repairs are all guaranteed! -I can also help with software,but regret that I cannot debug your code nor hack commercial products. -Acorn application notes (send SAE and 2 stamps for list).Price fixed at 30p per application sheet,regardless of length.Return postage is one stamp.