8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject: Shapes I did these while working on the screen saver program a while back in hope they could be used for this purpose. Unfortunately I could see no way they could be used as the current screen would be lost, so they got put aside 'til now. Faraday's Cage ************** This is an attempt at reproducing an effect I got from a shareware product that I hadn't registered, though not as good as the original as that seemed more random in choosing which letter to convert.  D6G Sprow BBCISS7 ======= Following on from Richard Harker's (D6E) painstakingly drawn PCB layout, I have given you "BBCISS7" which maps out the components on an issue 7 BBC. Furthermore, you can type in a part number such as IC1, and after a bit of points to it. I must admit that a few parts are missing, especially in the Econet interface corner. Adding these is simple enough, using the script language in the DATA statements at the end of the program to define co-ordinates and part name. For those with 6502B 2nd processors you can show off their power by doing a before and after. There is (roughly) 3 times increase in speed. If you've a 32 bit Acorn then run it in BBC BASIC V & it will appear instantaneous - it is all written legally so works fine on any machine. As always, I like to leave my submissions a bit open ended - my main suggestion for those with the patience is to add a reverse search, so that you could type in 6502 or 6502A and it would point to IC1 instead. This would involve INSTR(string$) no doubt as even I haven't memorised all the manufacturer's prefixes for part numbers! Contact me at the usual address (see separate note) 8BS mail me on D6G Robert Sprowson.  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: A Crabby Poem? This is a poem that I found in a Scottish Newspaper, and it can be very close to the truth so read the thoughts of a Crabbit Old Woman and see how her mind was working, and the word Crabbit look it up and see if you fit the bill. Right so let's get back to normal (If we can) so get your printer ready and I have put the Centering statement in and if your printer will not center your print put a REM in line 30 and that will stop it then study the thoughts of a Crabbit Old Woman in *******   *******  From: D7Y (Andrew Medworth) Subject: Banner Text Programs OK, so who spotted it? The Banner Text progs included on 8BS-50 didn't quite work. I have absolutely no idea how the error occurred - one line of the program was completely wrong - but I hope the prog on this issue will make amends. So don't give up folks - try again and cross your fingers! Sorry about that. Also, we have included a BBC B version of the capitals program, but we cannot convert the lower case routine however hard we try! This new version lacks the margin and fill routines due to lack of space, meaning that you can only do the text in "outline" form. The BBC B programs are called BBCBAN1 and BBCBAN2.                    