8-Bit Software Online Conversion

4WL Tel 01935 25974 Martin Wilson, 32 Grass Royal, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 4JW Intel 486SX25 chip £6 Intel 486SX33 chip £7 Intel 286 8mhz £3 720k 3.5 double density and drive in frame. For XT pcs £18 20meg MFM hard drive £19 (tested) RM Nimbus 386 25mhz, 4meg, 80meg HD(doubled to 160), 512k Svga vesa graphics, mouse and keyboard, mono monitor £190. Nice system. Could be converted to 486 using Texas 386 to 486 chip with double speed operation for upto 4x speed increase. Uninterruptable PSU modification kit for IBM PC and compatibles. Complete as new with rechargable battery pack. In the event of power cut saves current program to hard drive with full input. Does a memory dump. £25 but really for PC's with 4MEG or less. Panasonic KXP1123 24pin LQ printer, fully electronic, includes manual, superb LQ printout and fast draft, extremely cheap to run. £3 ribbons last ages. Built to last but very stylish. Fonts and configuration using front panel. £80 inclusive. EPSON 8088 MCGA PC, 640k RAM, 3.5 720k disk drive, modern 256 colour graphics, Extended keyboard, mouse, well built and stylish system, probably the last XT made, 20meg IDE hard drive with lots of installed software, mono VGA monitor £85 Amstrad CTM644 monitor with cable to BBC. £45 Commodore 64 with tape deck and lots of software £25 Betacom Murata F20 facsimile machine £110 including insured postage. Various Amstrad NC100 spares(no working displays). BishopsGate Terminal. Its the size of a PC extended keyboard in fact it is a PC extended keyboard but its been enhanced inside with a built in modem, serial ports, graphics output. It comes with a PSU and has RGB output that will work with normal BBC monitors/scart tvs etc. Its compact size and serial ports means it could be used with the BBC as a remote keyboard by redirecting the BBCs input from its own keyboard to the serial port. Ideal for wordprocessing. £12 inclusive or free with order over £50. Manuals are still available from Bishopsgate at about a fiver. The fact that it has RGB means it may be configured for viewdata/teletext type services. ICL One Per Desk, Sinclair QL based communications computer, 128k RAM, 68008 processor, twin microdrives, Monochrome monitor, built in 2,400 modem, speech synthesiser, telephone. Includes business software in Rompack extension. Includes all original manuals and original microdrive cartridges. You can program it to answer phone automatically and use the speech synthesiser to speak to the caller( wierd!), it has RS232 connections for a serial printer. Its all setup from different menus and unlike the QL Basic has to be loaded from cartridge. The built in ROM contains all the communications software etc. £40 inclusive. Vic20 £15, C16 £25, Megadrive + switches £53 Portable Goodmans CD player £38 inclusive. Ribbon Cables 14way ribbon cable, bare ended 2-4metres £1.50 25way Ribbon cable, 25way D connector to 34way IDC. This is the cable from a Master Compact to its internal 3.5 drive. £3.00 20way Ribbon cable, 20way IDC to bare end 1.5m. Suit replacement cable to item that uses user port(mouse/eprom programmer) £2 34way multicoloured ribbon cable 1ft 50p 14way ribbon 2-4m bare £1.50 16way ribbon 1-2m bare £1.25 20way IDC to 20way IDC .66m £2.50 20way IDC to bare end 1.5m £1.50 20way IDC to bare end 2m £1.50 34way IDC to 34way IDC (very short for internal disk drive) £1 50way IDC connector(previously used so would need to be carefully removed and reinserted on another cable) .75p 36way Centronics plug to 36way Centronics plug 1.5 metres (printer to printer buffer type cable) £5 16way ribbon 1.5ft 75p 26way ribbon 2ft 75p 25way ribbon 15cm 50p 20way ribbon 2ft 50p 14way ribbon 2-3m £1.25 keyboard connector cable. 17way £2.50 12way cable like above £3 20way IDC + 7pin din plug(1.5m 20 way ribbon) to 25way D connector(female) 20way IDC(7cm 20 way ribbon) 20way edge connector £3 14way ribbon 1ft 75p 8pin Din plug (spectrum 128/+2/+3/CPC+) 85p, 8pin Din Plug (megadrive mk1) £1, 6 pin D plug (BBC/Elk/CPC) 75p, 23D connector+cover(amiga monitor) £2, Scart plug £1.25 plus others. Other leads Kettle leads. Normal mains plug to large 3pin connector. As used by Compact and PCs. £4 Compact phono to phono with lowloss cable(monochrome monitor) £2.50 Compact phono to scart with lowloss cable(videotitling etc) £4 BBC to BBC RS423 cable(5pin domino to 5pin domino) £7 BBC to Microvitec RGB monitor £2.50 SCSI cable, 25way D connector to 50way centronics £9 All cables/connectors inclusive of postage and packing. Most are one offs. Wanted. ******* 21 to 25" FST tv with NTSC compatibility and SVHS input. Can p/x Ferguson 25" FST Fastext with 50/60 hertz compatibility and full RGB scart. May consider 19" screen. Don't actually need Nicam. NTSC to PAL converter ADFS ROM for AP4 Electron disk interface. Large Reflector telescope with motorised tripod(preferably Tasco). Old computer magazines(very cheap) like BBC, Spectrum, multi, consoles, mac, apple, PC from early 80s to recent. In fact any computer really except for mags with very low editorial like Micromart and a lot of PC mags. Old cover/PD compilation CDROMs for PC/Mac/ST/Amiga/Arch etc cheap. One of those sophisticated joystick things that work with Elite. Not a standard type BBC joystick. Always willing to haggle, swop, part exchange either way or just help out if I can.