8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                  From:D4J (Oliver Debus) Subject: For Sale via 8BS Oliver has sent me a box full of software and things. He has asked me to sell them for him and to put the credit into his 8BS account for future issues. Send requests for items and payment to 8BS. Cheques to C.J.Richardson please. In true 8BS fashion, all prices include postage. Tape Software: £1.50p each unless otherwise stated. Lunar Rescue Acornsoft Question of Sport Vegas Jackpot Physics O/A Level Gemini Easiledger Gemini InvStat Revise GCE/CSE English. 2 Tapes £3 Painting The Computer Programme. Programs 1 The Computer Programme. Programs 2 Secondary Science. Micro Technology. Software On Disc: £3.50p each. A Question Of Sport Electric Fields. An Interactive Simulation. Books: The Good Software Guide. £3 Discover Your Electron. P.Williams. £3 BBC Soft Home Finance Instructions. £1 Z88 Soft Carry Case £5  From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: Mini PABX 'Phone System  Having not so long ago up-dated my telephone/fax set up I now have the following item for sale. I have installed, yes in my home, an eight extension PABX system which is great fun to play with as was the five extension unit now surplus to my requirements.   5 Extension PABX System      Bargain at `100    Features include ..... Paging all extensions at once Extension to extension transfer Two telephones per extension Intrude into an ongoing call Call back when line/ext free Do not disturb Last number re-dial Last number re-dial reminder Speaking clock Alarm clock Intercom/baby monitor 30 number memory bank Call diversion Door intercom Door release Smoke alarm PABX compatible Personal programming pin number Auto answer incoming calls Call barring (5 levels) Tone or pulse ringing Mercury 2300 compatible The system is BT approved .... overall size 265 x 195 x 63mm. Both mains and line connections are required. At present both of these leads are quite short but I will re-wire them to suit individual needs. The following items are NOT supplied with the system .. Extension sockets Telephones Connecting cable The following quide booklets do come with the system .. Installation Programming Extension User   The FS1515 works extremely well and is an ideal system that will allow you to communicate between rooms, workshops, dens what have you. Your teenage son/daughter can have their own telephone but you can decide what type of outside calls they are permitted to make, if any.   Phone, Fax, Write or Call   0181-599-2541   106 Mill Lane Chadwell Heath Romford Essex RM6 6UU   From: D3R (TONY WHITWELL) Subject: FOR SALE / WANTED I still have for sale an Epson EX1000 9 pin dot matrix printer with a colour kit fitted. The printer is as new hardly ever having been used. There are 6 spare ribbon cartridges to go with it plus manuals for the vast sum of sixty pounds plus carriage. I also have an Epson LQ1070 24 pin dot matrix printer in even better condition with a cut sheet feed and manual for sale for eighty five pounds plus carriage. Shortage of space is the only reason for sale since my other LQ1070 is linked to my Beeb and my Deskjet 660C is linked to my pc. As an alternative to selling I would consider exchange for memory for my pc. Currently I am looking for 16meg 70ns 72 pin Simms non edo and non parity so if there is anyone out there interested give me a call or contact me at the following address. Tony Whitwell 22 Richmond Way Cramlington Northumberland NE23 7XE.  From: K5K (David Robinson) Subject: F O R S A L E EPSON RX80F/T PRINTER good working order, has had only light use complete with the following: Stand with tray for output and space under printer for paper (Maplin YT33L) Dustcover nylon material cream colour with brown piping Manual Mains Lead Approx 1000 sheets paper Watford EPSON NLQ ROM Manual for NLQ ROM Watford Dumpout 3 ROM Manual for Dumpout 3 ROM Price 50 pounds Tel. 01705 479082 (after 5:30 or weekend)  From: M.Mc Vickers Subject: FOR SALE Electron. BBC B. Software with over 20 educational games. £30 O.N.O Tel. 0191 3860310 After 6pm.  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: For sale (Acorn bits) Write to: Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG Tel: 0181 524 1210 All prices include postage. (NB)= No box / (NI)= No instructions SERIOUS STUFF £10 Each/ 2 for £16 View chart. Complete. Great condition. View spell. Complete. Great condition. Office Mate/Master. Complete. Great condition. 3.5" DFS disk TAPE GAMES £1 Each/ 2 for £1.75/ 4 for £3 Bug byte tennis Steve Davis snooker Thrust Mr. Wiz Strykers Run. Jump Jet. Escape from moonbase alpha. Croaker. Chess. JOYSTICKS. Competition Pro. (NBI) £4 Voltmace Delta 14b with utilities tape (NBI). Hardly used. £10 BBC B SPARES Case. £10 Keyboard. £15 Motherboard (iss. 7) £10 Chips. Various. £Various ARCHI GAMES £4 Each/ 2 for £7/ 3 for £10 Zool (high denstiy disk, no box) Alerion (Risc OS 2 only) Orion (RISC OS 2 only) Startch Superior Gold The Olympics (2mb Recomended) Mad Professor Mariarti Real McCoy 2. Great conditon. £12 SERIOUS ARCHI PROGRAMS £10 each/ 2 for £16 Startwrite (NB). Great condition Atellier. Great condition ARCHI HARDWARE Leading Edge joystick interface. Good condition. Complete. £25 BOOKS Practical disk file techniques for BBC micro (Peter Beverly-Brown) 98pages `4 Functional Forth for the BBC Computer (Boris Allan) 116pages. £4 Filing Systems and Databases for the BBC (Stevenson+Stevenson) 217pages. `4 Forth On The BBC Microcomputer (Richard De Grandis-Harrison) 280pages. £5.50 BBC BASIC for Beginners. (David Smith) 315pages. `6 The complete Wordwise + Handbook (Paul Beverley) 409pages. `7 Archi PC emulator 1.8 manual. £3  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: For Sale (other bits) Write to: Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG Tel: 0181 524 1210 All prices include postage. (NB)= No box / (NI)= No instructions BOOKS Kaga/Taxan KP810 (printer) manual. £5 Brother M1309 (printer) manual. £4 ZX Spectrum +2 Manual. 331 Pages £5 PC SPARES (all NBI) EGA graphics card, I/O card, and processor card (8086?) All for £10 Hard disc controller card with cables £5 ATARI 2600 SPARES Main unit, Transformer, 32 in one cartridge £6  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: For sale - (Consoles) Write to: Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG Tel: 0181 524 1210 All prices include postage. (NB)= No box / (NI)= No instructions SEGA MEGA-DRIVE GAMES FOR SALE. £15 each/ 2 for £25/ 3 for £35 Burning force Space harrier 2 Flashback Sonic 2 £10 each/ 2 for £17/ 3 for £22 Bart VS space mutants Wrestle War California games Chackan Revenge of shinobi Sonic 1 £7 each/ 2 for £12/ 3 for £15 Golden axe (jap) Aero blasters (jap) Eswat (jap) 2 Crude dudes (NBI) Master system converter 1. Immaculate. Complete. £25 As above with both M/S games below £30 SEGA MASTER SYSTEM GAMES FOR SALE. The ninja £5 Spiderman (NI) £4 NINTENDO NES GAMES £5 each/ 2 for £9/ 3 for #13 Light gun (NBI) Duck hunt Skate or die Star wars Marble madness (NBI) Super mario 3 (NBI). Game genie £10 ALL 7 OF ABOVE NES BITS FOR £30  From: K7E (Stuart Kempner) Subject: For Sale BBC Master 70.00 BBC Model B + DFS + ATPL SWR 50.00 Electron and PSU 20.00 Cumana Twin Disc Drives Switchable 40/80 Track own PSU. 30.00 Acorn Bitstik boxed including manuals rom and discs. 30.00 6502 2nd processor 30.00 Acornsoft HI-VIEW for 6502 10.00 Magic Modem 300/1200 20.00 RTTY Computer Interface decoder. Decode those data signals called radio teletype on your shortwave radio 30.00 Z80 Torch system cased with PSU floppy drive (tested O.K.) and hard drive (unable to test,no rom software) cables for connecting to disc drive port and 1 MHZ bus,+ manuals. 30.00 Computer Concepts speech rom. Boxed like new, three chips to fit,including manuals and text to speech rom. 30.00 Watford SWR board. 25.00 Mini Office II boxed like new. 20.00 AMX Pagemaker including two roms to fit,and two discs and manual. 30.00 BBC Master Reference Manual Part Two 10.00 Amstrad CPC 6128 including colour monitor, manual, joysticks and several discs. 75.00 BEEBUG Magazines - most of Vols.1-5, ring for current list. 75 pence each Various original disc software, too many to list ring for current list. 3.50 each. Various original tape software, too many to list ring for current list. 1.50 each. BBC case. 10.00 BBC keyboard. 15.00 BBC mother board. (not sure if board is working but the usual set of chips still on there) 10.00 Printed circuit board with IBM and Z80 chips fitted. No instructions, only circuit diagram. Novelty value. 10.00 All Prices include postage and packing. Telephone after 6 p.m. on 0181-941-7824 and ask for Stuart.                    