8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                               From: D7X (Martin Hodgson) Subject: Solidisc RAM/ROM My BEEB has for many years contained the Solidisc TwoMeg 128K board.This comes with a Manager ROM image which enables the use of Shadow screen memory. This all works perfectly, provided you use the Solidisc DFS ROM and Manager. If you try to use the Acorn DFS (necessary if you want to run any protected disc from e.g. Superior Software), there are problems. Most protected discs require a SHIFT/BREAK boot up. This causes the computer to lock up solid.Only a CTRL/BREAK will clear it. Hence, I can use Solidisc Manager + DFS, or I can use Acorn DFS but remove the Manager and lose Shadow memory use. The problem obviously lies with the Manager ROM image. Does anybody have a solution which prevents it interfering with the DFS ? It would be simple enough to edit the Manager code and save the modified ROM image, if only one knew which bit is causing the trouble. I assume the whole thing is a deep and dark plot to force people to use Solidisc's own DFS ! Personally I like the Solidisc products, but Superior Software in particular obviously did not.  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Help wanted (Hardware) I have recently got a 6502 co-processor (issue 2) for my Master 128. I have worked out how to plug it in to the mother board, but am now stuck. It appears to do nothing, is it not working? Do I need a controller ROM? All help would be appreciated Write to: Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG TEL : 0181 524 1210. Thanks.                    