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                                   From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: PMS Multi-Font NTQ Wanted --> NTQ DRIVER <-- First the hard luck story .... Chapter 1 .. The Advert  Not so long ago I placed an advert in an amateur radio magazine asking for a particular item relating to the BBC'B computer. This was before I had become a member of 8BS. In answer to my ad I received a telephone call from a friendly radio operator offering me the item I required FREE of charge, he was pleased to be able to help someone who was still keeping the good old Beebs going. I was very pleased and overwhelmed with his generosity as not only had he sent me the item that I had sought after but he had also sent me one or two other goodies. One of the extras was PMS (Permanent Memory Systems) Multi-Font NTQ (Near Text Quality) a typesetting package, but one of the 2 eproms was missing.  Chapter 2 .. Another Request  I wrote and thanked the sender and asked if he was to come across the missing ROM I would be very pleased to have it. Some time passed and I heard nothing and I began to wonder whether or not I had upset this kind person by asking for more. To my surprise a parcel arrived from him one day which contained the sought after ROM and even more bits for the Beeb together with a promise of more as and when he came across any.  Chapter 3 .. The Heartache  I was delighted with the package and promtly set about putting the ROM into my Beeb. It was giving me problems, the Beeb was hanging up. I found the the culprit to be my home produced startup ROM and promptly removed it from the machine, I plugged the PMS ROM back in only to get nothing. My heart sank as I looked at the PMS ROM plugged in the wrong way round, yes I had destroyed it. I really felt bad, someone had taken the time to find and send me this ROM at my request, had charged me nothing not even the postage and I had destroyed it.  Chapter 4 .. The Appeal  Yes I would appeal to all 8BS members out there. Has anyone got this package a ROM or a ROM Image of the NTQ DRIVER ROM. I feel I must restore this software and will not be happy until I do or at least have a very good try.   I would be most pleased to hear from anyone that may be able to help me restore this package ........ Please 'phone or fax 0181 599 2541 or write 106 Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex. RM6 6UU. Thanks Mike.    From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: User Manual Wanted I am looking for a user manual for the             Please 'phone/fax on 0181 599 2541  To: 999 (all members) From: D8L (Mike Holdaway) Subject: DESPERATELY WANTED In the 8BS-50 magazine I was looking for 4 items, well, so far so good 2 out of 4 can't be bad but I do desperately need to find the following ...                       I have recently up-dated a friend's BBC B computer but to complete the transformation I need the above board. Rightly or wrongly I am convinced that somewhere out there lurking in the dust must be at least one, so please don't let this sick BBC fade away pining for extra RAM. Should you call the bickies are chocolate this time round to nibble with your cuppa .... Phone or Fax on 0181 599 2541. call or write ... 106 Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath, Romford, Essex. RM6 6UU. Thanks for your help Mike.  From: D3L (STEVE MASON) Subject: WANTED Has anyone got a print head in good order for a Star XB24-10 for sale? Also, I wonder if any 8BS members could help me with a copy of a program for the Beeb which maintains hotel bookings. I seem to remember one was published some years ago. Thanks to all who input to the 8BS disc issues - they provide a great deal of pleasure. Best wishes.  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Wanted (Z88) I have recently purchased a Z88, and was wondering if anyone had any good Public Domain programs (or games) for it on BBC disk, Archi disk, or EPROM cartridge. Some things that I am after are: A telephone & address book. Patience. (and any other games) Also wanted is a cheap EPROM eraser with some EPROMS. Write to: Elmlea, Sewardstone Road, Chingford, London, E4 7RG TEL : 0181 524 1210. Thanks.                    