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To: John Robson D8J Subject: Alien Life Thanks for replying to my article. I haven't done the research you have but I feel that it would be fair to say that there isn't any decisive evidence that intelligent alien life has come to Earth. Although there's proof now that un-intelligent alien life has come to Earth in the shape of bacteria from Mars. Unless of course thats proven to be false. But I don't think so. I don't know anything about the Gulf Breeze sightings. As you can imagine I can't be convinced unless I see some sort of proof myself or some respected body prints the evidence. There are plenty of people and news companies more than willing to show evidence once it becomes available. As yet it has not become available. You may disagree on this point but I can't see it any other way no matter how much I want to. You say man is very intelligent and I suppose we are compared to animals around us but surely many lifeforms may have progressed ten million years from the point we are at now and we would be very primitive in comparison. Its all down to where we put our frame of reference. Considering that we were quite primitive only 10,000 years ago I think my frame of reference is valid. Man's technology is primitive. We do not even understand the mathematical formula that designs us. By simple mutation and natural selection we have evolved. Not only do we not understand this language but it surely can be superceded by something of a non random nature. We are probably thousands of years away from that point. Our technology is primitive. I can't see it any other way. Man has been a wild animal. Again I suppose its where you draw the line. You might say that the point where man stopped being wild is the point where man started and before that was ape but the point I was making is that we have an origin in an advanced ape that progressed quickly to modern man over thousands instead of millions of years. Time Travel is a tricky subject. We know scientifically its possible to accelerate forward motion and decrease it but its still up in the air about actually reversing time. I suspect the manipulation of time will have many other uses in the future. Zero time surgery using some sort of gravitational device to prevent the movement of time to the patient. Its already been concluded that when antigravity technology comes about it will have some sort of time side effect (not reverse time) because gravity and time are interlinked. How can you prove intelligent life can never be non-bipedel. You would have had to travel to every planet ever. Man is a biped because we originated from apes and had trees to climb. If trees hadn't been very tall we would probably evolved as four legged creatures built to escape stronger predators by running. We could still have had dexterity. Remember the exposed stomach of the human is a weakness in the biped design where as four legged creatures have increased protection of their vital organs. Evolution's natural selection showed that it was worth exposing the stomach for extra tree climbing mobility. Thats it! Who ever has proved that all intelligent life is bipedel is quite frankly an idiot and has only proved that he is an idiot beyond doubt. Theres no way every planet has tall trees and that all intelligent life originated from animals that climbed them. That is the only scenerio that could prove this man right. I have never heard of the Crystal People from Dog Star 3. I don't think many have. Is this a wind up? Crystal people?! Actually made of crystal? bipedal people made of crystal? I'm still trying to work out if the greys exist or not. Now some questions?? Energy based life forms? Life in binary and multiple star systems, does it exist? Ideas on how complex life became on Mars before extinction or possibly still existing? Views on Earth society 200 years from now? Alternate realities? Grey race, origin and purpose? The afterlife, the big question?