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                  THIS MIXTURE OF MESSAGES ARRIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE. From: D4H (Paul Smith) Subject: Why FIGHT? Yes, why? We are a small band of like minded computer users. Wouldn't it be nice if we could be friends? Life would be that much more pleasant. If you must FIGHT amongst yourselves then keep it that way ... amongst yourselves. I don't want to read about it. Am I alone on this? Regards, Paul D4H.  From: D4H (Paul Smith) Subject: For sale. I have the following items for sale. Anyone interested? BBC User Guide - 10.00 BBC Advanced User Guide - 10.00 Dr. Watson Advanced Basic Course, inc. tape & disc - 6.00 Dr. Watson Beginers Assembly Language Programming Course, inc. tape & disc - 6.00 Games on tape - Acornsoft Revs, fully boxed - 2.50 Acornsoft Elite, fully boxed, 2 tapes included - 2.50 Superior Collection Volume 1, 2 tapes - 2.00 Superior Software Spycat - 1.50 Superior Software Stryker's Run - 1.50 Superior Software Around the World in 40 Screens (Repton) - 1.50 Superior Software Life of Repton, - 1.50 Superior Software Tempest - 1.50 Superior Software Deathstar - 1.50 Superior Software Galaforce - 1.50 All prices include postage. Tel. 01246-471072 after 6p.m. or anytime weekends. Regards Paul D4H.  From: D6F (JOHN CRANE) Subject: FOR-SALE Hardware ******** Electron with Acorn +3 (3.5in DS DRIVE with ADFS),Welcome Disk.Cassette recorder(Introductory Cassette + a few Blank Cassettes *50 (Inc P+P) Roms **** Starword *5 (inc P+P) View Rom Cartridge for +1 *5 (inc P+P) Books ***** Advanced Electron User Guide (Free,Cover Postage Please) *************************************** I AM HAPPY TO HAGGLE ON THE ABOVE.IN FACT I'D LIKE TO BE RID OF IT ALL AS A JOB LOT.OFFERS ?? *************************************** WANTED ****** 32K SWR CARTRIDGE FOR +1 John Crane,34 St Andrews Walk, Harrogate,North Yorkshire,HG2 7RL (01423 885049)  From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: HARD DISK Hi !!! My name is Gary Scott and as you can probably tell I have only just joined 8BS. I know quite a lot about my BBC MICROCOMPUTER which has a 1770 upgrade. I have written off to many user groups requesting information and from what I have received, there is mention to HARD DISKS. I know what a HARD DISK is but what I need to know is: CAN A BBC MICRO WITH A 1770 UPGRADE HAVE A HARD DISK AND SO HOW MUCH DO THEY COST, ARE THEY HARD TO FIT, CAN I FIT THEM MYSELF AND DO THEY TAKE UP MUCH ROOM ? If you have any answers to any of the questions or if you have any more information about this subject then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 8BSmail me on D9F(GARY SCOTT) THANKS !!!  From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: ATPL BOARD Hi !!! My name is Gary Scott and as you will notice I have only just joined 8BS. I have sent some messages but I have had no reply and so I have decided to ask all 8BS members if they can help. I have a BBC MICROCOMPUTER with a 1770 upgrade. I have recently been looking for ROM chips to plug into my computer and I have bought so many that I need more space. I have been told that this is what an ATPL board does and so if anyone has any information on this subject, ie. if they know where I can get one, then it would be grately appreciated !!! THANKS !!! EDITOR.......Try here!  From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: ADFS & DFS HI !!! My name is Gary Scott and I am a new member of 8BS. I have sent many messages and so this is one of many. As I have only just got my BBC I am trying to collect information on it's uses and abilities. I have created a GUIDE TO DFS although I can not find any information on ADFS and so any avaliable information would be appreciated. I am willing to pay or pay for photocopying although the cheaper the better. I also have a problem where when I load up my ADFS Welcome Disk and I try to use *AFORM a message appears saying that I have the wrong type of machine. What is the right type of machine and what do you need to use ADFS ???  From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: WANTED !!! Does anybody have a BBC compatible PRINTER for sale. I only have a BBC with a 1770 upgrade and I have no PRINTER DRIVERS or PRINTER ROMS. The smaller the better although any reply would be excellent !!! ( THE CHEAPER THE BETTER TOO ) ANY PRINTER INFORMATION WOULD BE APPRECIATED !!! Gary Scott (D9F)  From: K4B (George Lynch) Subject: Music 5000 Allow me to make just a general comment before my contribution re the music 5000. Like me, I am aware that there are a considerable number of members who feel that they have little to offer because of lack of expertese in computing on the BBC Micro. Some have courageously sent in messages asking for help, giving thanks, selling equipment or just introducing themselves. Keep it all coming for it is all much appreciated by 'Dodos'like me who often are totally confused by articles by more experienced contributers. Now back to Hybrid 5000. I have noticed recently that there has been an upsurge of interest in this excellent system but there would appear to be little information available from any source. I cannot give much help in this direction but it may be helpful to others if I comment on my own limited experience. Hybrid Technology would seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth (unless someone can tell me otherwise). Last known address that I have is 273 Science Park Cambridge CB4 4WE, but doubt if they are still there. The equipment I have is: The 5000 Synthesiser with associated Rom. There was a Music 1000 Amplifier, a Music 2000 Interface, a Music 3000 Expander. a Music 4000 Keyboard, a Music 6000 Sensor. all available at one time, to complete the set up, if you had the cash to spend. I only have the Music 5000 Synthesiser , complete with Rom, hooked up to my BBC Master 128. I have the Synth. out- put connected to a Tandy stereo amplifier which in turn is connected to two miniture speakers which give out a most satisfying sound. Incidently, I have the audio o/p from the Master connected to a seperate i/p on the amplifier and enjoy ordinary musical contributions from the 'Beep'. The Amp is switchable. The manual for the 5000 is absolutely necessary for using the System. Other Manuals such as the Ample Toolbox and Ample Nucleus, together with associated discs were available as were lots of other accessories. The System was well supported by a Users Club run by a chap called Roy Follett. The club was known as Amplinex. Unfortunately Ron died in Jan.'93 and the club died with him. There were discs with musical compositions available from both Hybrid and Amplinex but there is the difficulty of copywrite involved should you manage to trace them. It would be a pity if such a good System should die the death for it had much to offer. If anyone out there has any ideas on how to sustain interest, I would be pleased to hear from them. If I can be of any further help, let me know.                    