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                                From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject: The Forth Dimension ******************* After doing a few things in 'C' on the BBC I have become rather disheartened with it due to all the compilation necessary making program development slow and painful. Forth on the other hand being a lower level language, not requiring compilation as such is much easier to use once you have come to terms with its own idiosyncrasies. Anybody who has used Forth in the past will remember the screen editor that was part of it, this had to go! The word n LOAD which would load screen n into Forth has been altered to LOAD filename which will load the contents of a source file. This is one of the beauties of Forth; if any of the words do not behave quite just as you would like, then you can redefine them 'If only people were like this'!  From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Diary 1997 Brian Raw's Diary 1997 program in issue 53 is very good, unless you have a hard drive, well, actually it is still just as good but you can't have your diary on your hard drive. The main reason for this is that my disc identifier routine that he uses (thanks for using it and thanks again for putting in a REM to say so!) as the name suggests it identifies discs and not hard drives! The simple solution would be to load the program and type the following: 185dfs%=0 And resave the program. This disables the disc checking routine and just selects the current drive so you'd better have your hard drive selected when you run the program! Yes folks it is a bit of a task for the non techie out there to comprehend all that and for that reason I have adapted the program to create a version just for hard drive users! Just load it and use the star-command option to select your hard drive and go back to the diary menu and prepare the disc. The program creates a directory $.Diary which contains all the diary files. Where you put the diary program is up to you. It is probably a good idea to save it in the Diary directory. To do this, from the program select the star-command option and type the following commands followed by Return. BASIC OLD SAVE"$.Diary.Diary" This will save the program under the filename Diary in the Diary directory. The diary is ready to use! If you have a Library directory on your hard drive (I shall assume if you have it is called $.Library). If you do not you can ignore the following instructions. If you would like to be able to use the diary at the touch of a 'few' buttons then type the following commands followed by Return. *BUILD $.Library.Diary *BASIC CHAIN"$.Diary.Diary" Now press Escape. You should now be able to use the diary at any time simply by typing *Diary.  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Your Mother Well friends here we go again as another year has started, and a very Happy New Year To You All. So what is my topic to this time? Looking at what I have, I decided that it should be someone who is nearly always in our minds at this as well as other times of the year, and who is this person and she is of course well known to you as she is     As usual put the paper in your printer and be prepared to read of someone that will be close to your heart when you set out to meet this well loved and hard working. ********   ********  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Program: Program Info (Madness Pic) Here's another of my Madness scans. I think that this is from one of their albums. Enjoy it. Richard Harker 1997  From: D6E (Richard Harker) Program: Program Info (WIMP) Ok, don't get too excited this isn't an all-singing all-dancing multi- threading operating system for the Beeb.It's just a short RISC OS style demo. INSTRUCTIONS Use the cursors to move around. Shift to accelerate, and space to select the various icons on the icon bar: Selecting the disk drive does a *CAT Selecting the pen does a CLS Selecting the palette changes the colours Selecting The Acorn quits Hopefully someone will like it. Enjoy. Richard Harker 1997  Function Keystrip Generators ============================ This collection of short programs generates function keystrips for various applications. The list is added to every now and then. Currently, it includes: EDWKeys EDWORD INTERKeys Inter-Word MesgKeys 8-Bit Software Messaging System VIEWKeys View TelKeys ABZ Teletext Editor Run the program, and enter the number of copies you want. They will then be printed out on an EPSON-compatible printer. Cut them out and place them above your red function keys when using the appropriate application.                    