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                               From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Help! I have recently acquired the AddComm and Matrix Roms for the BBC. I am wondering how I can get them to work on my Master. Can you help me? My phone number is: 01323 732597 My address is elsewhere in this magazine.  From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: EMAIL One of the subjects that is cropping up a lot is EMAIL but no real info is talked about it, so how about telling us poor mortals a little bit more about what it is, how it works, and what it costs to use it? Now after saying that about EMAIL, I will come clean as I have a Prizm 2000 Modem but no info with it, so I am in the dark trying to find out how to use this thing. So can anyone help me out on this one and I will be grateful? You can get me on the following. The Mag Letters To You OR ON 0191 567 91 35 OR AT Fred Price 8 Orchard St Pallion Sunderland City Wearside SR4 6QL Fred  From: E2G (Derek Hill) Subject: Hard Disk Info Thankyou Robert Sprowson for the disc of info you sent me. It arrived safely. Also for the tip about finding info on the 62-way edge connector pin-outs in the Maplin Magazine Issue 70 page 12. HELP! Does anyone have this magazine, who would be prepared either to send it to me so that I could read it and return. Or could send me a photocopy of the relevant page(s)? In return I could send you postage stamps to cover the cost. All the best for your term at UNI Robert. Bye, Derek.  From: E2G (Derek Hill) Subject: Help Wanted I've broken the spade terminal on my BBC issue 7 motherboard. The one that you fix the power supply line to. Does anyone have one that they could sell to me? (A terminal that is, not the motherboard!) Derek Hill Northiam Road Eastbourne Sussex BN20 8LL Tel 01323 639213  To: 999 (all) From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Help Requested Part 1 - Modems I have just bought a big box of Electron bits and there was a modem in it. My problem is that I have no info on the modem at all. The modem is a 'Prism Modem2000' made by 'Thorn EMI Datatech'. At the back of it is a power cable, telephone socket, telephone cable, and 5pin din socket. On the front are mode and data push switches, and power, signal, and line lights. What I want to do is connect it to my Master or Model B to use it with them, and also use it temporarily with my Archimedes until I get it a faster modem. Has anyone got any ideas suitable leads? My second modem-related question is if I get the above mdodem running are there any bulletin boards in the 0181 area that I could connect to with my Beeb or Master? Part 2 - Printers In the box of Electron bits there was a small printer. The printer is an Epson P-40. It is a tiny printer that takes rechargeable batteries. It is a 'thermal' printer. It has a parallel interface on the back. What I would like to do is connect it to my Z88 via my Z88's serial interface. Is it possible to convert between serial and parallel signals? All help would be appreciated. Yours, Richard Harker (D6E) Tel (0181) 524 1210  To: 999 (all) From: D6E (Richard Harker) Subject: Help requested I've just recently got a(nother) BBC micro. It is an issue 4, which I have never seen before. Because of this, I have a number of questions about it: 1) On the keyboard, in the bottom right corner a bank of 8 dip switches has been added. What are they for? 2) On the keyboard, in the middle left, a blue socket has been added. It is hard to describe. It has 2 rows of 10 pins, and then further, on the same piece of plastic, 2 rows of 2 pins. What are these for? 3) On the keyboard, at the top left, about 4cm from the connector to the main computer, there is a row of of 10 pins. These are connected to the socket as described above. Does this connect to PL14 on the mother board. What does it do. 4) ICs 61-68 on the motherboard are socketed. If I am right in thinking that these are memory chips, would removing them make my computer 16k? 5) A number of other chips on the board are socketed (eg the SA5050) was this common practise on the earlier issues BBCs. 5) One chip (it says Feranti ULA on top) has a large chunk of metal on top, if this is a heat sink, why is it there? 6) Finally, Has anyone heard of 'AB Electronic Systems PLC'? From what I can make out they modified my BBC by putting it into a Viglen PC style case, removing the original power supply, and replacing it for another (presumably more powerful) one, to power the 2 internal drives as well. All the Acorn serial numbers have been replaced by 'AB electronic systems' ones. If anyone could 8BS mail me some answers they would be apreciated. Yours, Richard Harker (D6E)                    