8-Bit Software Online Conversion

D6G Sprow 999 Articles for sale from Sprow3 The complete 'forsale' list has become too large to send by disk - so I have sent just one section from what is now 3 pages long! To see the complete list send a stamp and envelope to: 6 Bollinbrook road, MACCLESFIELD, Cheshire. SK10 3DJ. It is also available by email if you ask me: rps102@york.ac.uk Or by download from the internet www.york.ac.uk/~rps102/bbc/bbc.htm *HARDWARE -NOVELTY EPSON P40 printer with Centronics interface (BBC lead for free if reqd).Selectable codepage (so that £ sign appears either as a £ or a Yen sign).No need to change ribbon as the impact head doesn't need one. Just 680g,measuring 22cm x 13cm x 5cm high in a bone grey case.Refill rolls still available (from Farnell) and one is supplied to get you going.Will run off external PSU (from Argos),or from internal rechargeable battery pack. There's also switch-selectable CRLF or LFCR support for software that sends too many LF's.£23.P&P9 -Re-edited and re-worded manual to ATPL ROM board.Full page of diagrams and 4 pages of clear text telling you all about your board.50p.P&P1 -Dual 3.5" disk drive for BBC fully working and tested.£17.P&P9 -RAM chips required by ATPL board or Watford ROM/RAM board to allow *LOADing of ROMs from disk.Simply plug in and you're away.£4.40 each +P&P1 (you'll need two) -2.5kW dimmer/drill control.See RS catalogue #568-051 for specification. Suitable for resistive/inductive loads RS price £64.£25.P&P7 (2 left) -Case for Maplin 'pocket multimeter' with popstud front fastener,testlead holder & strap.Type YN65V.Ordered in error RRP£1.79 selling 90p P&P1. -Sideways ram chip,no need to fit a whole ROM board! comes with fitting instructions.£4+P&P2 -BBC B Computer.Issue 7 board inside. Acorn DFS 1.20.OS 1.20.BASIC II.£29. P&P9.Two of left -BBC B with Econet upgrade fitted. Issue 7 board inside.NFS 3.34.£25.P&P9 -BBC B.Just cassette FS.Issue 7 board inside.BASIC II.OS 1.20.£22.P&P9 -BBC B with 1770 disk upgrade fitted. Issue 7 board.£33.P&P9 **The above machines may seem expensive this is because the price absorbs some of the P&P** -12" replacement fluorescent tube for battery operated emergency torch.£4. P&P7 *FRAGILE* -Parallel printer lead (25 way D plug to wire ended).About 1m long is £2. P&P2 -RS232 kit for Master Compact,give your computer a serial port (not fitted on standard model).Acorn part ADF15 with full fitting instructions in several languages! £9.50.P&P2 -Eprom programmer,with software on disk.Reads,writes,blank verifies (and more) both 8k and 16k devices. Supports both 12.5v and 22v programming.Fully tested and working. £20.P&P5 -Yuasa sealed lead acid battery backup batteries.See Maplin #XG77J (on p74). Maplin price £28,but I'll give you two for that price.P&P is £5 for the pair (they're 2.4kg each!) -Spare keyboard molex cables,for use with BBC only.3 of left.40p each.P&P1 -ZIF sockets fit into the 'ashtray' on the LHSide of the BBC B's keyboard and allow the easy insertion and removal of ROMs without taking the lid off.£5.P&P2.(Two of left) -Viglen cartridge system socket in a similar idea to the above,but cheaper! £3.P&P2 -BBC printer port to Centronics printer lead.Free if you buy the Epson P40 printer.£4.P&P2 -Real time clock add on for BBC.Fits into a normal ROM socket,and adds commands such as *ALARM,*CONFIGURE, *TIME as per the Master,also supporting OSwords 14 and 15 so that apps can access the clock too.Also, you may add a *COMMAND that which will be executed on power up,eg.*WORD to start VIEW.Full,original,manual and daughter board.£18.P&P3 -Aries B20 RAM add on.Just plug in - no soldering.Comes with support ROM which means on power up you get a satisfying BBC Computer 52K messag. £14.P&P5 -4Meg/2Meg boards.A bit more fiddly to add than the Aries B20,but with more features - too many to list here,but basically it's a mass of RAM (in banks made from 8k SRAM chips).Comes with support ROM and all required hardware.One has manual,£19.P&P6 and the other has no manual hence is £16. P&P6. -25 pin D male to 25 pin D female adapter plug.£2.P&P2 -65C02 chips.For issue 7 BBC board owners this is simply an unplug the old and insert the new job.Adds new instructions enjoyed by Master owners,such as PHY,PHX,which basically means BASIC IV from the Master will work on the BBC B.All legally written Master programs will therefore work (provided they don't require any other Master dependant hardware).Full fitting instructions - including those for earlier boards.£5.P&P3.I've fitted one - they're brilliant!.(Two of left)