8-Bit Software Online Conversion

The Diary Again by D. Ambrose K7T I adapted a diary program written by Barry Thorpe that appeared in the December 1988 issue of Beebug; my version was in 8-BS 49. When I came to use it for 1997 I found the result was not what I intended. Line 2195 should read IF day%=1 OR day%=6 PRINT dot$ ELSE PRINT U$ The corresponding lines 3300 in PROCspill and 3520 in PROCgather are correct, and give a line of = both before and after each weekend. That was a slip, but 1997 reveals a bug in that two loops end together on 31 May. To deal with this line 2207 should be IF B%=14 A=GET:B%=0:IF dy%<>daysinmonth%(month%) PROCprintmonth I have also adapted the program to give me a pocket engagement diary that I now find essential. DIARYX is a stripped down version (no moon phases, no DATES, no superfluous lines from the original program) that gives four weeks compactly on the right half of an A4 sheet. When it has been printed I cut the sheet in half so that the left hand part of the resultant A5 is blank with two weeks of the diary on the right. I cut part of the blank part off and fold so that what is left will slip into a pocket in my wallet leaving the diary part visible. In use I carry sheets for about 16 weeks, and as each two weeks passes throw away that sheet and add another. If you prefer the diary on the left side of the sheet, alter line 1445 appropriately. The program is self-explanatory when it is run. You are asked 'PRINTER ON?', to be answered by 'Y' or any other key, and then the year, the start month, and the number of months to be printed. The initial days are put on screen by PROCspill, and then "Now we start: insert paper" appears. Do just that and press a key. Two weeks will be printed, press a key and the next two weeks will be printed - that brings you to the end of the sheet and time for a new one to be inserted. And so forth. Because of the way the paper sets in the printer the layouts of the two halves when it is cut are not exactly the same - but what does that matter? I am only trying to make something useful to myself (and perhaps to you), not something to sell.