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Publications from J.G.Harston Publications Publications available now and in stock: Harston Advanced Disk Filing System for the BBC/Master series of computers. Provides a fully hierarchical filing system without having to upgrade hardware as for the Acorn ADFS system. Runs from sideways ram, or can be blown into EPROM. DFS needs to be fitted to the machine. The Startup Package provides the System Startup disk which includes extra utilities and the Reference Manual. The manual is also provided as text files on the Startup disk. 98pp. Availability: now. 1-899366-00-8 5.25" disk, 3.5" disk and manual £5.00 1-899366-30-X HADFS 16k EPROM £5.00 1-899366-40-7 HADFS Reference Manual only £5.00 An oggin Interpreter with Curses-based User Interface. Describes an interactive CAL program used for examining the operations of the conceptual oggin machine, includes software on disk. 1-899366-41-5 A4 edition £10.00 The Treaty of Union of the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England. A complete text of the 1707 treaty that brought around the United Kingdom. Of particular interest to historians and people interested in the relationships between England and Scotland in the late 17th century and early 18th century. 20pp. Availability: now. 1-899366-50-4 A5 edition £1.00 The Yards of Whitby. A complete plan of the yards of Whitby at a scale of 1:1250, about 50 inches to a mile. It shows all the yards as they currently are, giving all their names. No other map ever published has shown all the yards in such detail and completeness. Includes an index with a quick location reference. 60x84cm map. Availability: now. 1-899366-70-9 folded map £1.50 1-899366-71-7 flat map £3.00 BBC Microcomputer Service Manual for models A, B and B+. Available in A5 or large A4 sizes, with circuits diagrams on full A3 sized sheets. 220pp. Availability: now. 1-899366-42-3 small A5 edition £6.00 1-899366-43-1 large A4 edition £12.00 Publications in progress: Econet System User Guide Updated Edition. The Econet Advanced User Guide was a cut-down version of this. The new updated edition includes the full details of Econet and NFS communications protocols. 150pp. Availability: Feb 1997. 1-899366-44-X A5 edition £5.00 BBC Computer User Guide Updated Edition. The big thick book that came with the original BBC computer, but not with the Master. Very popular in itself as a very good instuctional manual on Basic and programming. Updated to include the additional features of Basic 4 on the Master series. 600pp. Availability: Mar 1997. 1-899366-45-8 A5 edition £15.00 BBC Computer Disk System User Guide. Covers all aspects of using disks on the BBC/Master series. Updated to include details of DFS, ADFS, HADFS, Solidisk and Watford systems. 150pp. Availability: Mar 1997. 1-899366-46-6 A5 edition £5.00 Advanced Disk User Guide Updated Edition. Full technical details of how to access the floppy disk controller hardware. Updated to include the 1770 as well as the original 8271. Availability: Mar 1997. 1-899366-49-0 A5 edition £15.00