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THIS MIXTURE OF MESSAGES ARRIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE.  From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject: Notepad ******* Just a note to say that I have now completed the suite of diary programs, They are on this issue. Here is a summary of the contents NotePad ******* This is the parent program and provides a virtual notepad of a size dependant on the format of disc you use. The pad has a number of Volumes each having 26 pages. DFS 40T...3 volumes DFS 80T...7 volumes ADFS S...6 volumes ADFS M...12 volumes ADFS L...24 volumes These are maximum values and should you require more free space you may delete the volumes highest value first i.e the minimum requirment is Vol1. The pad is in MODE7 and has the facility of printing teletext graphics if you have an Epson 9pin or compatable printer. There is now an extra facility that allows the copying of a page to a different location. Daily Diary *********** This has a minimum requirement of either a DFS 80T double sided or an ADFS L format disc. Its function is much the same as the notepad with the addition of a date as each pages title. Any years diary can be made (tested to 2010) simply input the year required when prompted during the formatting process. It has the option to open at the CMOS date or the last date edited. Weekly Diary ************ For smaller formats or if you do not require a daily diary this provides a week to a page type diary. Monthly Diary ************* For those who prefer it this provides a month to a page type diary.  From: K6N (Brian Raw) Subject: BBC to PC text file transfer **************************** I have been working on this problem for some time now and have got absolutely nowhere, in the meantime I too have had need of transferring text to my PC so as a quick solution to the problem I use KERMIT. KERMIT is associated with the world of modems but works equally well computer to computer, it is the same thing really just without the modems and telephone lines. To this end I have submitted PC Kermit to Chris and hopefully is part of his growing 512 section in the catalogue. EDITOR....... 512-71 You will need both PC Kermit and BBC Kermit and an asyncronous serial link between the computers (oh dear not that again! ). I won't go into serial links as they have been well covered in past issues but what I will do is advise you now that for this asyncronous link the wiring is :- CTS----RTS B RTS----CTS P B TXD----RXD C C RXD----TXD GND----GND ************************ Right then now just to confuse you, anybody who is thinking of buying a modem to use the file server chris and his gang are setting up TAKE NOTE! The cable just described will NOT WORK The cable that connects your modem to your computer is called a NULL MODEM cable as its connections are not crossed :- CTS-----CTS M B RTS-----RTS O B TXD-----TXD D C RXD-----RXD E GND-----GND M the circuitry inside the modem sorts the handshaking out? Else the software does. There then I hope that this will prevent too many problems should you decide to go ahead with this. If you have any problems with this at all then ring our fearless leader who will be only too glad to help.  Ron Smith 1 Bright Walk Selby North Yorks From E2B To All Members My regards to you all and as this is my first attempt at a submission please excuse any mistakes. First I would like to thank a well known member one MICK REEVE for all the help he has given me since he sold me his MASTER 128. I suspect it was quite a wrench letting it go. Thanks also Mick for the printer you so generously gave me when I could not get mine working, you will be pleased to know that its doing trojan work. Has any body out there any of the items below they could sell me ? A W.W + ROM A OWNERS MANUAL for FX80 PRINTER. The above are for my son who also has a M.128. Failing a manual, can any one give him the imformation he needs to get his printer working. It was used with an AMSTRAD before so I suspect the dip switch settings. any out of pocket expenses will be paid. Well thats all for now I'll try for something more interesting next time so long for now.  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: HARD DISK Hi !!! My name is Gary Scott and as you can probably tell I have only just joined 8BS. I know quite alot about my BBC MICROCOMPUTR which has a 1770 upgrade. I have written off to many user groups requesting information and from what I have recieved, there is mention to HARD DISKS. I know what a HARD DISK is but what I need to know is: CAN A BBC MICRO WITH A 1770 UPGRADE HAVE A HARD DISK AND SO HOW MUCH DO THEY COST, ARE THEY HARD TO FIT, CAN I FIT THEM MYSELF AND DO THEY TAKE UP MUCH ROOM ? If you have any answers to any of the questions or if you have any more information about this subject then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 8BSmail me on D9F(GARY SCOTT) THANKS !!!  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: ATPL BOARD Hi !!! My name is Gary Scott and as you will notice I have only just joined 8BS. I have sent some messages but I have had no reply and so I have decided to ask all 8BS members if they can help. I have a BBC MICROCOMPUTER with a 1770 upgrade. I have recently been looking for ROM chips to plug into my computer and I have bought so mny that I need more space. I have been told that this is what a ATPL board does and so if anyone has any information on this subject, ie. if they know where I can get one then it would be grately appreciated !!! THANKS !!!  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: ADFS & DFS HI !!! My name is Gary Scott and I am a new member of 8BS. I have sent many messages and so this is one of many. As I have only just got my BBC I am trying to collect informaton on it's uses and abilities. I have created a GUIDE TO DFS although I can not find any information on ADFS and so any avaliable information would be appreciated. I am willing to pay or pay for photocopying although the cheeper the better. I also have a problem where when I load up my ADFS Welcome Disk and I try to use *AFORM a message appears saying that I have the wrong type of maching. What is the right type of machine and what do you need to use ADFS ???  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: WANTED !!! Does anybody have a BBC compatable PRINTER for sale. I only have a BBC with a 1770 upgrade and I have no PRINTER DRIVERS or PRINTER ROMS. The smaller the better although any reply would be excellent !!! ( THE CHEEPER THE BETTER TOO ) ANY PRINTER INFORMATION WOULD BE APPRECIATED !!! Gary Scott (D9F)  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: VIEW STORE If anyone has or can sell a complete boxed version of VIEW STORE then I would be willing to pay upto 10 pounds for it, either mail me or phone me on 01703 600126  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: VIEW & VIEWSHEET Does anyone have a VIEW or VIEWSGEET manual that they would be willing to sell and if so then please either 8BSmail me on D9F or phone me on 01703 600126.  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: 3.5" DISK DRIVE I have decided to purchase a 3.5" disk drive which has a 40/80 switchabe track for #56.40 from Greenacre Services. I was just wandering if this is a good price ??? and DO I NEED ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE DISK DRIVE AND ADFS TO HAVE 3.5" ACCESS ??? Ring me on 01703 600126  To: 999 (all members) From: K6X (Cluke) Subject: Coming clean I feel that it is time to own up to the perpetration of a jolly jape! The events that I reported on as having happened during our stay at Jonathan's did indeed occur. The animosity that may have been shown between Neil and myself certainly did not. It wos a liddle plot wot we hatched to see if it would stir some of you out there to join in. Sad to say, only a handful saw fit to send in a comment. I am only writing this now in reply to the message from Paul(good name,that!) Smith (D4H) in the last issue. As I have already said, the whole purpose of the exchanges 'tween Neil and me ( to spread the blame if there is any, Chris was in on it as well! ) was to try and elicit some response from the membership. It did not matter the form the response took; taking sides, offering other methods, or, like Paul's message, telling us to keep our ( spurious ) disagreement to ourselves. To say that Neil and I were disappointed at the (lack of) response would be an understatement! There is more to Beebdom than writing programs, which a lot of people including me can't do. Submissions in recent issues have covered a wide range of subjects, some had little or nothing to do with computers; moving house and alien life are just two which come to mind. I can't believe that the 30-40 names that appear with a fair regularity in our issues are the only ones who have something they would like to share with the rest of us. The Messaging System is easy to use, and Chris works on the basis that you send it in, he puts it on the next issue. It can be about whatever you like ( within the bounds of decency ), and there is no need to be embarrassed about grammar or spellnig or punctuation ( or lack of it) cos that's wot I sort out like, just altering the presentation a bit to try and make it a bit more readable without altering the content. Maybe there is an underground torrent of private messages between y'all? I don't know cos I never see them and I haven't had but a few (sniff!) which I sent to myself (sad,eh?) just to test the system you understand. This load of drivel should be proof in itself that Chris will use virtually any old tat to pad out an issue, so come on, how's Aunt Maud's bunions, how many beans make five ( plenty of scope for some devilish software there ), why was Ethelred unready, why don't you get capital letters if you hit the keys harder, if there is a sharp end and an end with a rubber on it where does a pencil begin, has the chemist given me the wrong pills again? P.                    