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                                 From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: Oops! (There doesn't seem to be an "Oops!" section in 8BS, so CCC will have to do.) If you had a go at "NOTaLOT" in 8BS-54, and did well at it, you may have found that it claims to restrict your kitty to `75, but doesn't. This tends to establish a runaway "No Lose" situation (though maybe you prefer that...). (Like the casino which had a sign saying "WE NEVER CLOSE", but the 'C' went out.) If you want to fix this, just add line: 2225 IF`%>75 `%=75 That's 'pound sign'%, if it happens to be printing as something strange here.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: NOTaLOT game in issue 54 John Davis's game NOTaLOT was liked by me quite a lot. It was well thought out and presented. I have had several goes playing it and managed to win now and again. It has been added to my games disks collection.Thank you John.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: Jonathan Harston's comments The f keys of the message system that Jonathan mentioned (54) are a bit different I agree. I have now got used to them. But if you have changed the normal fkey to shift fkey Jonathan, does it mean that you do not use the graphic fkeys or have you changed these to ctrl fkeys? If you have also changed these do you now ctrl/shift fkeys to get the rest ie. contiguous graphics, separated graphics etc.?  ReplyTo: Jonathan Harston & Brian Raw From: D5B (Jon Ripley) Subject: Diary 1997 Disc Checker In response to Jonathan Harston's comment about my disc format checker being slow, it isn't entirely true. The routine itself actually takes less than a second to decide on the format of a disc. The function relies on DFS being selected and uses the DFS read sector routine. Of course this will fail if the disc is ADFS. The reason why the DFS read sector routine is used is because the ADFS read sector routine can take around a minute when deciding that a disc is DFS. Gripes aside though, Jonathan says that if your program pauses for any reason it is always best to let the user know what is (or isn't) happening!                    