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For Sale/Wanted from BBC User Group =================================== BBC User Group has the following items for sale:- (Or exchange) The prices are a rough guide of how much is ideally wanted for them however I am willing to consider any reasonable offer. 286 IBM PC with keyboard and green screen monitor, twin 51/4in drives, DOS and word-processing software £40ono Amstrad CPC464 with green screen monitor and various games £25 Commodore 16+4 with data recorder £10 Same as above but with minor fault £8 Acorn Electron £25 BBC Case £8 Hobbit Tape Drive with ROM, leads and 6 tapes. Fully tested and in excellent condition £25 40T 5.25" disc drives, uncased with no leads, £9 (14 left) Spectrum 48k (Boxed) with minor fault £9 Yamaha PSS-100 with digital recording system and sound editor £25 Microscope kit with 63 experiments and introductory tape, incomplete so low price £10 Large roll of good-quality white card £8 70 5.25" HD high-quality discs (will split) £15 the lot or £3.50 for 10 6 Imperitype P60 ribbons any reasonable offer! New (Boxed) =========== Due to the recent demand I can no longer offer 3.5" DSHD discs at £3.50 for 10. I can however offer them at the still low price of £5 for 10. Midi stereo system with twin tape, high speed dubbing, FM stereo,MW,LW radio, speakers and twin speed turntable £40 Still under guarantee) Same as above but portable with no record player £25 10 High Quality BUSH C90 tapes £5.00 (I have a large number of these, still packaged) High Quality 3 hr videotapes, £2.50 each or £20 for 10. All tapes are shrink wrapped and unused. Good Quality white paper 80gsm 500 sheets, suitable for all types of printers and photocopiers £4.75 Wanted ====== I will pay any reaonable price for any of the following items if you have them or exchange them for the above items. A BBC Hard drive or interface Twin 80T DSDD disc drive with a 3.5 and a 5.25 inch drives (for the BBC) The Quill, Adventurescape, Adventure Creator, ALPS (adventure language programming system), indeed, any adventure creator is welcomed! Any BBC/Electron/Master adventure games on tape/disc (any format) EPROM programmer and EPROM eraser and also EPROMS, blank or preprogrammed 12.5/21V 4/8/16K (or other, please specify) Disc drive sharer (to link 2 BBC's to one twin drive!) BBC/Master Reference Manuals RISC OS 3 PRM Updates for RISC OS 3.5 and above. Any computer magazines, ones with type in listings with or without tape/disc/ CD. Prefrably Electron User, CPC User, Acorn User, Micro User, and Input. Magazines for any computer will be considered but must have type-ins or a tape/disc/CD. Contact me at: Jon Ripley BBC User Group 56 Longstone Road Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 3SJ Telephone:- (01323) 732597 Payments accepted by cheque or postal order made out to 'J J Ripley'. If you are making a postal enquiry please include a stamped self-adressed envelope. Press SPACE for menu