8-Bit Software Online Conversion

D6G Advert ARTICLES FOR SALE FROM SPROW3 Last update 1/3/97 As I mentioned previously,the for-sale file is in fact over 15k in size now! So instead I'm just sending a bit each month,but if you want a complete one send me a stamped SAE and/or a blank disk (any size/format). Any orders or enquiries should be sent to R.P.Sprowson By post: 6 Bollinbrook road,MACCLESFIELD,Cheshire.SK10 3DJ By fax: 01625 431067 (use +44 1625 431067 if outside UK) By email: rps102@york.ac.uk For latest list,or see "www.york.ac.uk/~rps102/bbc/bbc.htm" *ROMWARE -Toolkit BASIC programmer's aid (1.25b).BASIC 1/2 only.£4 + P&P2.(2 of left). -View 3.0 with original manual only.£5.P&P3 -ROM carriers,holds 3x 28 pin chips,lined with carbon foam.Sturdy black plastic with snap shut lid.NO more bent pins.£2 P&P1. (3 left) -ViewSpell,disk,ROM,and prompt card only.£5.50.P&P2 -Non windowed BASIC II,OS 1.20,DFS 1.20 (all by Acorn).£6 + P&P1.Rid your machine of windowed ROMs: Acorn didn't release them on windowed chips.50p part exchange available. -Spare Master MOS.V3.20.These are 1Mbit ROMs and irreplaceable.£9.P&P1.No documentation. -Speech ROM by CC,makes driving the speech upgrade chips far easier than SOUND -1,160,0,0 by simply using *SAY.Bring your BBC (or B+) back to life without giving yourself a headache looking up the phonemes.Comes with spiral bound manual and ROM.£5.P&P3 -Commstar (PACE '85) V1.30 for BBS' and modemming.Full manual.Two of.£4.P&P2 -Aries B-32 support ROM for the RAM board for a BBC B.WE.Full manual.£4.P&P2 -AIDS (SoftSmith) Contains disassembler,memzap,search/replace,variable list for BASIC,printer.With manual describing syntax.£3.P&P2 -MultiBASIC (CMS Soft 1985).Allows multitasking with BASIC II.Two of.£4.P&P2 -"Logo-Forth" by HCCS.With manual for ROM.£3.P&P2 -Acornsoft Termulator,AcornSoft 1985.Terminal emulator as name suggests.With manual.£2.P&P2 -Xtend (*commands to aid BASIC in a similar manner to Toolkit).Two of.£3.P&P2 -BCPL (AcornSoft 1983) and huge manual.£4.P&P8 -Acorn Pascal.2 ROM set,disk,book,reference card,fkey strip.1984.£9.P&P3 -Communicator.Computer Concepts.Similar idea to commstar.£3.P&P2 -Gremlin 1.20.Machine code monitor and aid.w/manual.Two of.£3.P&P2 -Lisp (Acornsoft 1982) programming language.Manual too.£3.P&P4 -BeebMon.WE 1983.Machine code aid.£2.P&P2 -Termi.Terminal emulation ROM.Computer Concepts.£2.P&P2 -WordWise+.Computer Concepts.1984.£4,with manual.P&P2. -Accelerator.Dual ROM set,precompiles BASIC into faster format,then compiles it into machine code.Missing LIBS disk mentioned in the manual.Computer Concepts. £6.P&P3 -Interword,V1.02.Stacked (piggy back) ROM.Prompt card.Computer Concepts.£7.50. P&P2 -MuROM by Beebug soft.Demistifies those ENVELOPEs.£2.P&P4 *CUSTOM I will only reply/send back chips if there are sufficient stamps for return post -Eprom programming service PROGRAM NEW ROM £3.50 + stamps SUPPLY BLANK ROM ONLY £3.00 + stamps ERASE AND REPROGRAM ROM £1.00 + stamps ERASE ONLY 50p + stamps -Having problems with programming/hardware? Drop me a line as I offer to fix any 8 bit Acorn related hardware. -Please write for an estimate before sending off hardware.Repairs are ALL guaranteed. -And I can offer help with non commercial software Q's,but this isn't a debugging service! -Acorn application notes (send SAE and 2 stamps for list).30p each regardless of length.