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Games Reviewers Wanted! 8-Bit Software has been in contact with David Bradforth at ProAction (see the advert for ProAction in this issue). David has sent me some games to advertise his wares. All that he asks for in return is a review for each of the games in 8BS magazines. As I am illiterate (that's ILLITERATE Neil) and not the keenest of games players, I thought that it would be an excellent idea to look for some games reviewers amongst the 8BS congregation. Here's the plan: 8BS sends the game to the reviewer. The game is supplied on approval for one month. Before the expiry of the approval period, one of the following conditions will be met: 1. A review meeting the criteria set by 8BS would be received by 8BS OR 2. Payment of the full price of the game to ProAction if no review is received by 8BS The criteria for 8BS reviews are as follows: 1. Game Title 2. From where available 3. Price including all charges 4. Price to 8BS members including all charges 5. Type of game (Adventure, zapping etc) 6. Scenario of the game 7. Size of the game (number of levels etc) 8. Description of game play 9. Your opinions of the game a) Graphics b) Sound c) Game play d) Value for money I would expect a minimum of 500 words in the whole review which would cover all the above points. The following games are at 8BS waiting for you to play them: 1. White Magic. ADFS 80 track. 5.25" OR 3.5" 2. Timeslip 5.25" 80 Track 3. Repton 3 5.25" DFS 80 track and 3.5" ADFS 80 track, a four game compilation containing: Repton3 The Life of Repton Repton Around The World Repton Through Time If you want to become a games reviewer for 8BS and get free games for your efforts, contact 8BS now!