8-Bit Software Online Conversion

              To: 999 (all members) From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: Tale of Woe. or: How To Feel Like a Right Twit in One Easy Lesson. There had to be a better way of including info with a program, if it was more than a few sentences, than: 1) Using tedious and annoying print statements. 2) Putting it in the program info section, which allows good presentation quite easily, but is too remote from the program. 3) Using a TYPE file, which is OK, but a bit limited. Clearly, the perfect solution would be to use this whizzo message system, with its semi-WP facilities, including t/text codes, and have the info directly connected to the program, running in the two-way scrolling system. Surely this would be possible, since that's what happens from the 8BS Menu for 40 column text. Obviously, therefore, there must be a routine lurking in the very complicated Menu program which runs, or at least controls, the fancy, smooth two-way scrolling display, which could be incorporated into a program. Hmmm... Couldn't see it, but there was practically nothing in the Menu program I understood anyway. Maybe it could be pinned down on a "suck-it-and -see" basis - chucking away bits till what was left did the job. After a number of hours footling around, attacking an old Menu program in the misguided belief it might be a bit easier, throwing away chunks, testing to see if a scrolling file would still run from it, sometimes retrieving bits temporarily when it crashed, I was down to a mere 20 lines left, from the original 289. Must be nearly there, though I still couldn't quite see which bit might be useful. And now there were just 10 lines left. Things were starting to look a bit dodgy. 9, 8, 7, 6. Ah; uhhh; hmm?? 5, 4, 3. What's happening? There's almost nothing left here, but the files still work. Turns out this whole exercise was not a smart idea. In the end the whole monster program whittled down to just one character, which isn't actually in the program: *. The !*?*$#!# files just RUN. Wish I'd asked first... It then dawned on me that I had a disc - CJR-11 - which I'd never looked at closely, which might help. Sure enough, there it was - a program which tacked a mc routine onto a file which made it a self-contained scrolling display. Nice to learn these things, the hard way. There must be a moral somewhere in all this, but I haven't the strength left to figure out what it is. P.S: Could Steven Flintham, or somebody, please explain to us mere mortals what's happening with the first three lines of recent !BOOT/ Menu files. It's very clever to have a !BOOT file which can be LOADed/Edited/ SAVEd like a basic program (I've now stolen this - ta.), but it's very mysterious. Also: Is there any way to have the two-way scrolling text files run with a fixed info bar at the top and/or the bottom? Is there any way of changing CJR-11/DISPMO7 to achieve this?                    