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All about ProAction Hello ... I'm David Bradforth, and I've recently relaunched a range of titles for the BBC Micro, Master 128 / Master Compact and Acorn Electron. Remember the days when Clogger kept many a person stuck to their computer screen, or maybe even Frak? Well they're still here ... so read on! Despite contributing to the RISC OS press on an occasional basis, my Master 128 was crying out for some good, strong, commercial support - so I got to work and arranged to rerelease the Impact / Fourth Dimension back catalogue, which then expanded to cover titles from Pineapple Software, Superior Software, The Really Good Software Company and more - there are a few companies interested in passing educational software, utilities, games, etc. all over to my organisation for rerelease. So you see, the market is as strong as we, the users, make it. Glancing at the product list, I see 20-odd products which we are now publishing, alongside perhaps seven other BBC products which we can also distribute. The games list is shown below, basically because I do not want to describe this is in a paragraph. The other seven products consist of three from the Triple 'R' Education range - Target Maths, Money Matters and Picture Book - and four ROMs which I am now distributing. SpellMaster is Computer Concept's answer to the problems of a dictionary in View or Wordwise. Easy to use, and packed full of features, it used to be priced at £45(ish), and is now available at £15. PrintMaster is described, simply enough, as The printer utility ROM for the BBC micro. Again, this is £15. Wordwise Plus needs little introduction. A powerful wordprocessor, made even more powerful by the inclusion of a programming language. Again, this is just £15. Helping Hand, from The Data Store, extends the usability of the ADFS to even the earliest beginner. Again, this is priced at £15. Full specifications are available on the above ROMs, and as an exclusive launch offer to 8-bit Software members, if you buy three of the ROMs, we'll give you the fourth for a fiver. That's four useful ROMs for just £50! Please quote 8BS membership number when ordering. Alternatively, until 31st March 1997, you can have any ROM for £12.50 - again, please quote 8BS membership number. The ROMs are strictly subject to availablility - if we have no stock, then nobody has any new ROMs left! Onto the games .... Title A B C D Aardvark Collection 1 5.95 5.95 5.95 5.95 - Frak, Zalaga and more bits Aardvark Collection 2 5.95 5.95 ---- ---- - V*ewShape, a games development tool plus more from Orlando ADFS Utilities 9.95 9.95 9.95 ---- - requires 16K SWR + ADFS ... make ADFS do everything you want it to Arcade Soccer 5.95 5.95 ---- ---- - Top notch soccer action on your Beeb Clogger 5.95 5.95 5.95 5.95 - Enter the mystical world of the Cloggers, just don't step on the grass! Document to be faxed 1.00 1.00 1.00 ---- - the ProAction demo disc E-Type 5.95 5.95 ---- ---- - Classic car racing First! Single User 29.95 29.95 ---- ---- - Statistics system for the BBC Micro & Master Series First! Site License 49.95 49.95 ---- ---- - Site license on First Single User Holed Out! 5.95 5.95 ---- ---- - 3D Golf for the BBC Micro Holed Out Extra Courses 1 5.95 5.95 5.95 ---- - Two more packed holes ... more golf! Key Collection 5.95 5.95 ---- ---- - Classics from the pen of Gordon J. Key SOON Man at Arms 3.95 3.95 ---- 3.95 - conversion of top Archimedes adventure from The Fourth Dimension Nevryon 5.95 5.95 ---- ---- - Hi-tech warfare ... coming soon to Electron SOON Pysanki 3.95 3.95 ---- 3.95 - conversion of top Archimedes adventure from The Fourth Dimension TimeSlip 5.95 5.95 5.95 ---- - an adventure through time and space ... Column A = BBC 5.25" disc (specify 40T or 80T) Column B = BBC 3.5" disc Column C = Electron 3.5" disc Column D = BBC/Electron Cassette Okay, that's how the list stands today - 16th November 1996. With any luck, we'll have a few more products on our next list. Printed versions of our list are available if you'd like one - simply pop a stamped addressed envelope to us, and we'll forward it to you. Okay, final round up - we've got games, education and much more for all users of all Acorn computers. If you're after something and you can't find it, get in touch and we'll find it for you! If you'd like to order something, please send a cheque/postal order (made payable to D. Bradforth), specifying which product(s) you would like, on which format (disc / cassette / ROM) and which machine you have. My address is still the same .... ProAction 40 Honiton Road Romford Essex, RM7 9AJ And I'd prefer not to receive telephone calls.