8-Bit Software Online Conversion

TestFil This is rhe pronised textfile to acconpamy the WITZ programme which I have set in to Chris, add which he has hpopefully included on this moths' issue disc. tnis file is not realy about anything in particlar is but a demonstratiom of what sort of bad spellign and punctuatuion or lack of it the program is capable of dealig with it will in fact actually cope with worser examples than what i am here writing after all it was writen for use in america which is one of the worst cuplrits when is comes to mangling the english language . Chris him self ruins a close second in this airier; and i was soarly tempted to use one-off his editorials before the programe had had had a goat it as a example of what sort of silk purse it could make out of a Really tatty sows ear but i didnt wont to embaras hymn two much! He has enough to putt up with having two ware a lime-green babygro to goto work in which is enouhg for any man to bare. Actually, since originally writingnthis chris has manged too get himsef outof the direct lion of fire of bludsplats nd intwo a noffice wearin a whistle(that sa soot to all yu nort of Watfraud) so the abuv is not stritly tru but i do like takkin the pass out of hym so ive lef tit in anyway hopping he wont notice witch e probly wont becase he doesn7t reed most off what i right becas he truss me, oar at leased he did.......Apart from all the mangled spellings that I have put in the program the programme program is also capeable of soting out the gramm'er and punctuatoin in a sentence, so if it had been around a while ago Captain Kirk would never have bee'n able "To boldly go " but would have had " To go boldly " which doesnt have quite the same inpact even though it grammatically correct is! After awl that i sad in the program documetation about the speed off the programme you may be surprized at the thyme taken to prosess this short piece of text this is due to having to make it also run on a Beeb witch meant that it had too be maid even smaller it should have been in a earlier issue but chris asked for it to bee modified before he let it out to you all. The actual soting out didn't take Mona more than a couple of daze , butt as she is not Woking in london at the moment I had to wait untill she visited over to us next to get her to do it? Won of my darling childers then saved a Repton screen onto the disc using the same file name so i to type the whole thing in again had. 25 pages of listign takes a while which is why it is only appering now! I THINK I must have tipped in a few errers wen i typped yhe programme in again becos it now does a few strange things that it didnt do befor. you probly wont notice theses as you havenot seen it before enyway adn they dont stopit running ive checked through the listign twice and cant findw hat is wrong. MAYBe you programers out there can suss it out and send in corections for the nnext issue? Anyway, now you have read this, load the program from the utlities menuand folow the prompts to lode this file/ witch is saved under the name of " TestFil " AND I THINK YOU WILL Be im pressed withh the result?