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Prime Numbers - Listing

10REM > Primes 20REM Various Prime Number Programs 30REM Header by J.G.Harston W79 40: 50ONERROR REPORT:PRINT'"Press a key"; GET:RUN 60MODE7:PRINTSPC7"Prime Number Genera tion" 70PRINT'"Press a key:"' 80PRINT"1: R.Harker's original. Test s all"'SPC4"numbers with all numbers" 90PRINT"2: Peter Davy's improvement. Tests and"'SPC4"uses only odd numbers u p to SQR(x)" 100PRINT"3: J.G.Harston's improvement. Only uses"SPC4"6n-1, 6n+1 up to SQR(x) " 110PRINT"4: J.G.Harston's fast integer primes" 120PRINT"5: J.G.Harston's quadratic in teger"'SPC4"primes using y=x^2+x+41" 130PRINT"6: J.G.Harston's IsPrime func tion" 140PRINT'"0: Exit" 150REPEATA$=GET$:UNTILINSTR("0123456", A$):IFA$="0":END 160A$="Primes"+A$:PRINT'A$; 170A%=PAGE:REPEAT:A%=A%+4+LEN$A%:UNTIL (INSTR($A%,CHR$&F4)>0 AND INSTR($A%,A$)> 0) OR A%>TOP:IFA%>TOP:END 180Line%=256*A%?-3+A%?-2:PRINTLine%,~L ine%:GOTOLine% 190: 200DEFPROCSplit:S%=0:A$="":A%=PAGE+4+L EN$(PAGE+4):REPEAT 210REPEATA%=A%+4+LEN$A% 220UNTIL(INSTR($A%,CHR$&F4)>0 AND INST R($A%,">")>1) OR A%>TOP 230IFS% AND A$<>"":M%=A%?-3:A%?-3=&FF: OSCLI"SAVE "+A$+" "+STR$~S%+" "+STR$~(A% -2)+" FFFF0000 FFFFFB00":A%?-3=M% 240S%=A%-4:A$=MID$($A%,1+INSTR($A%,">" )):UNTILA%>TOP:END 250: 260A%=0:*KEY 0 A%=A%+1:OS."LOAD Primes "+STR$(A%)+" "+STR$~(TOP-2):END|MREN.|M 270: 280: 290: 300REM > Primes1 310REM D6E (R. Harker)'s original vers ion 320MODE0 330 place=1 340 divisable=0 350 number=0 360 T%=TIME:REPEAT 370 FOR divisable=1 TO number 380 IF (number MOD divisable)=0 TH EN a=a+1 390 IF a>2 THEN divisable=number 400 IF (number MOD 2=0 AND number> 2) THEN divisable=number 410 NEXT divisable 420 IF a=2 THEN PRINT number;" Is pr ime number ";place;" after ";(TIME-T%)/1 00;" secs" 430 IF a=2 THEN place=place+1 440 a=0 450 number=number+1 460 UNTIL FALSE 470: 480: 490: 500REM > Primes2 510REM K2K (Peter Davy)'s modification of 520REM D6E (R. Harker)'s Prime Number program 530MODE0 540 PRINT 2;" is prime number ";1:PRIN T 3;" is prime number ";2 550 number%=5 560 try%=1 570 order%=2 580 T%=TIME:REPEAT 590 REPEAT 600 try%=try%+2 610 IF (number% MOD try%)=0 THEN facto rfound=TRUE ELSE factorfound=FALSE 620 UNTIL factorfound OR try%>SQR(numb er%) 630 IF NOT factorfound AND try%>SQR(nu mber%) THEN order%=order%+1:PRINT number %;" is prime number ";order%;" after ";( TIME-T%)/100;" secs" 640 number%=number%+2:try%=1 650 UNTIL FALSE 660: 670: 680: 690: 700REM > Primes3 710MODE0 720REM W79 (J.G.Harston)'s modificatio n to 730REM K2K (Peter Davy)'s modification to 740REM D6E (R. Harker)'s Primes progra m 750: 760 PRINT 2;" is prime number ";1:PRIN T 3;" is prime number ";2 770 number%=5:number`inc%=2 780 order%=2 790 T%=TIME:REPEAT 800 try%=1:try`inc%=4 810 factorfound=(number% MOD 2)=0 OR ( number% MOD 3)=0 820 IF NOT factorfound THEN REPEAT:try %=try%+try`inc%:try`inc%=6-try`inc%:fact orfound=(number% MOD try%)=0:UNTIL facto rfound OR try%>SQR(number%) 830 IF NOT (factorfound AND try%<=SQR( number%)) order%=order%+1:PRINT number%; " is prime number ";order%;" after ";(TI ME-T%)/100;" secs" 840 number%=number%+number`inc%:number `inc%=6-number`inc% 850 UNTIL FALSE 860: 870: 880: 890: 900REM > Primes4 910REM 21-09-96 JGH: Fast 6n-1, 6n+1 p rime lister 920: 930MODE128:PRINT2;" is prime number 1" :PRINT3;" is prime number 2" 940N%=5:I%=2:O%=2:T%=TIME:REPEAT 950D%=1:A%=4:F%=FALSE:IF(N%MOD3):REPEA TD%=D%+A%:A%=6-A%:F%=(N%MODD%)=0:UNTILF% OR D%>=SQRN% 960IFNOT(F% AND D%<=SQRN%):O%=O%+1:PRI NTN%;" is prime number ";O%;" after ";(T IME-T%)/100;" secs" 970N%=N%+I%:I%=6-I%:UNTILFALSE 980: 990: 1000REM > Primes5 1010REM 19-09-96 JGH: Fast quadratic co mbination 1020: 1030MODE128:O%=3 1040PRINT2;" is prime 1":PRINT3;" is pr ime 2" 1050N%=5:I%=2:O%=2:T%=TIME:REPEAT 1060F%=TRUE:IFN%>42 AND N%<1602:N=(SQR( 4*N%-163)-1)/2:F%=N<>INTN 1070F%=F%OR((N%MOD3)=0):D%=1:J%=4:IFF%: REPEAT D%=D%+J%:J%=6-J%:F%=(N% MOD D%)=0 :UNTILF% OR D%>=SQR(N%) 1080IFNOT(F% AND D%<=SQR(N%)):O%=O%+1:P RINTN%;" is prime ";O%;" after ";(TIME-T %)/100;" secs" 1090N%=N%+I%:I%=6-I%:UNTILFALSE 1100: 1110: 1120: 1130: 1140: 1150REM > Primes6 1160REM 21-09-96 JGH: Function to test for primeness 1170: 1180MODE0:N%=5:I%=2:O%=2:T%=TIME:REPEAT 1190IFFNIsPrime(N%):O%=O%+1:PRINTN%;" i s prime ";O%;" after ";(TIME-T%)/100;" s ecs" 1200N%=N%+I%:I%=6-I%:UNTILFALSE 1210: 1220DEFFNIsPrime(N%):LOCAL N,D%,K%,F%:I F(N%MOD2)=0 OR (N%MOD3)=0:=FALSE 1230IFN%>42 AND N%<1602:N=(SQR(4*N%-163 )-1)/2:IFN=INTN:=TRUE 1240D%=1:J%=4:REPEAT D%=D%+J%:J%=6-J%:F %=(N% MOD D%)=0:UNTILF% OR D%>=SQR(N%):= NOT(F% AND D%<=SQR(N%)) 1250: 1260: