8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello! Thanks to Paul Clucas for sorting out the magazine. I send him the cobbled together text. He checks it for spellin etc and then finishes it all off neatly with the header files and so on. The only files he doesn't run his eagle eye over are the LAST message file (the file of stuff sent between deadline and issue) and this editorial. Paul asked me to remove this thank you from the issue, however, he saves me so many hours of work that I could not bring myself to do so! Another Thank you must go to our member in Austria, Mark Usher. He tested this issue out for 'flow'. So if something doesn't work from the menu of the DFS version, it is his fault! The Pool ~~~~~~~~ These are the discs that have been added to the pool or have had alterations made to them since issue 53: TBI-109 Crypt Paint II ADFS and Master only. A superb drawing package containing lots of clipart and fonts. TBI-110 Space Pics. Four DFS discs of digitised Apollo mission pictures. Compiled by Neil Parry. ID's ~~~~ A few members have asked why their ID's do not appear at the top left hand corner of the magazine menus any more. The answer is time. It is still possible to have your ID appear there. Issue day takes a whole day out, I cut out entering the ID's to save a little time. If you want to enter your own ID, it is a simple enough matter, just replace the three asterisks at the start of the program "!BOOT" with your ID. Internet ~~~~~~~~ We are on the web at: http://www.karoo.net.8bs/ I maintain these pages. There are links to the other 8BS sites from this page. There is also a section for pages from 8BS members if you fancy submitting anything. My Email address is: chris@8bs.karoo.co.uk NTAUS2 ~~~~~~ IMPORTANT! Please let me know as soon as possible if you intend to attend this event! Diaries out folks. Biro in these dates: 18 19 20 and 21 July 1997 These dates are the NOT THE ACORN USER SHOW. EPISODE 2. YES! Jonathan Harston has kindly thrown his doors open to us lot for the 8BS club meeting for these days. An unmissable event. Be there or be square (and miss the best event of the year). Some of us will be staying for the full do. You are welcome to attend any or all of the days. Exactly the same arrangements as last year apply. There are a few beds and plenty of space for camp beds with kipping bags. We look after ourselves for food. What usually happened last year was that Jonathan provided stuff for the odd buttie. We generally popped out to one of the many local take away establishments. Chippy, Indian, Chinese and supermarket are all within handy staggering distance (or rolling, those hills are steep). There is even a pub with pool table close at hand. Bring your favourite bit of equipment or software with you. More details next time Contact me if you have any questions. Please let me know if you intend to come. Please let me know if you intend to stop over so that I can keep a track of available space. There are also plenty of local B+B places. A list next time. EBTEL ~~~~~ The 8BS telephone network is still under construction. Not forgotten. Jonathan Harston has the fileserver and is putting the finishing touches to the software that will run the system. I a hoping that we will be able to tie everything up at the NTAU2 event. Submissions ~~~~~~~~~~~ Please try to get your submissions to me well before the deadline as it makes a lot of work for me when submissions appear all at once just before (and just after) the deadline. See you next time Chris