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                             To: 999 (all members) From: D6G (Sprow) Subject: BASIC III - what? Last month Brain Raw was questioning where this ROM came in the series. We're all aware that BASIC I came out with the very first few BBC's and was an enhancement on Atom BASIC.Then came BASIC II with a few bug fixes and new keywords and tokens. The missing BASIC is BASIC III,which was written for the American market when the beeb was marketed in the States.It was essentially a BASIC II but with the keyword "COLOUR" swapped for "COLOR",but with the same token. Then there are the assorted HI-BASICs plus BASIC IV which comes with the Master. BASIC V is present in the Archimedes series,and currently stands at revision 1.14 from 1989. There we are then! Robert Sprowson. Contact me: BY FAX 01625 431067 BY EMAIL rps102@york.ac.uk BY POST 6 Bollinbrook road,Macc. or 8BSmail me - I'm D6G.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC B One of the most devious protection methods I have come across is in the game SWARM. It is in two parts, the first part being the loader. The second part uses 300 baud to load in the second block. Also the filename changes though this is not obvious. So for devious protection we need to use devious methods to transfer it to disc. First load in the first part, SWARM making sure that page is set to &E00. Enter the following two pokes:- !&E7C=&20202020 and also ?&E80=&20. Type RUN and press RETURN followed by BREAK. Type CALL&C10. The Searching message appears and part two SWARM1 can then be loaded in. Then type PAGE=&4000. Then CALL&40A0 can be entered. Now save it to cassette using *SAVE SWARM1 C00+2200. Do a hard reset and then load it back into memory using *LOAD""1900. Then save it to disc using:- *SAVE SWARM1 1900+2200 C00 C00. All that is needed now is the usual short loader something like the following:- 10*KEY0 *LOAD SWARM1 |MPAGE=&E00|MRUN|M 20*FX138,0,128 30END Of course the main file will have to be downloaded to &C00. If you have the WATFORD DFS then you can use *MLOAD otherwise use the down loader of your choice. Save the loader as SWARM. Chaining this should now load and run the game.  To: 999 (all members) From: D6K (Mike Mallett) Subject: CP/M The BBC was able to use a number of Z-80 co-processors to run CP/M programs. I am currently working on a series on this for 8BS so I would like to hear from anyone who has an interest in this topic !  To: 999 (all members) From: D6K (Mike Mallett) Subject: BBC <> PC I have now been using a program called XFER to transfer files between the two machines. This needs both machines to be running within reach of each other. They are linked using a simple serial cable which is described in the docs. This system also copies the BBC file attributes to allow BBC files to be run on a PC emulator. I will pass this program on to 8BS but if you need any more info call me on 0119 961 5019. Mike Mallett                    