8-Bit Software Online Conversion

ARTICLES FOR SALE FROM SPROW3 Last update 19/4/97 Again,this is just a snippet from what is now 4 pages long,any orders or enquiries should be sent to R.P.Sprowson By post: 6 Bollinbrook road,MACCLESFIELD,Cheshire.SK10 3DJ By fax: 01625 431067 (use +44 1625 431067 if outside UK) By email: rps102@york.ac.uk Note that 1)Detail is given as space permits,but contact me if unsure. 2)See also the 'CUSTOM' section towards the end. 3)Except where marked otherwise postage is denoted as P&P<n> where 'n' is a multiple of 26p which MUST be added to the total price eg.P&P3 means the postage will cost 3 x 26p = 78p 4)Send SAE for full list,or see "www.york.ac.uk/~rps102/bbc/bbc.htm" *HARDWARE -RAM chips required by ATPL board or Watford ROM/RAM board to allow *LOADing of ROMs from disk.Simply plug in and you're away.£4.40 each +P&P1 (you'll need two) -60in1 Electronics project lab (Tandy#28-256).Boxed with manual.£7 + P&P8 -Yuasa sealed lead acid battery backup batteries.See Maplin #XG77J (on p74). Maplin price £28,but I'll give you two for that price.P&P is £5 for the pair (they're 2.4kg each!) -Dual phono to phono audio extension lead (male plugs at both ends).£3.P&P3 -Analogue port dual joysticks.Not self centering type.£2.P&P5 -Two into one telephone adapter.£2.P&P2.Suitable for modem use (see above) -Case for Maplin 'pocket multimeter' with popstud front fastener,testlead holder & strap.Type YN65V.Ordered in error RRP£1.79 selling 90p P&P1. -Lighter socket to mini (3.5mm) power plug.Charge your torch from the car! £1.50 P&P3 -Monitor plinth for BBC/Master.Beige in colour.£2.P&P9 ***If you require your BBC to be posted,add £5 for Parcel Force*** -BBC B Computer.Issue 7 board inside.Acorn DFS 1.20.OS 1.20.BASIC II.£29. -BBC B with Econet upgrade fitted.Issue 7 board inside.NFS 3.34.£23 -BBC B.Just cassette FS.Issue 7 board inside.BASIC II.OS 1.20.£19. -Brand new 60mm FAN,12v DC for cooling the innards of a computer.£11.P&P3 -Spare BBC keybord,fully tested.£6 +P&P6. -Parallel printer lead (25 way D plug to wire ended).About 1m long is £2.P&P2 -RS232 kit for Master Compact,give your computer a serial port (not fitted on standard model).Acorn part ADF15 with full fitting instructions in several languages! £9.50.P&P2 -ZIF sockets fit into the 'ashtray' on the LHSide of the BBC B's keyboard and allow the easy insertion and removal of ROMs without taking the lid off.£5. P&P2. -Viglen cartridge system socket in a similar idea to the above,but cheaper! £3.P&P2 -BBC printer port to Centronics printer lead.£4.P&P2 -25 pin male D plug to Centronics female.Note this is not a normal printer lead,as it has a female Centronics connector,not male.£4.P&P2 -Real time clock add on for BBC.Fits into a normal ROM socket,and adds commands such as *ALARM,*CONFIGURE,*TIME as per the Master,also supporting OSwords 14 and 15 so that apps can access the clock too.Also,you may add a *COMMAND that which will be executed on power up,eg.*WORD to start VIEW.Full,original,manual and daughter board.£18.P&P3 -4Meg/2Meg boards.A bit more fiddly to add than the Aries B20,but with more features - too many to list here,but basically it's a mass of RAM (in banks made from 8k SRAM chips).Comes with support ROM and all required hardware.One has manual,£19.P&P6 and the other has no manual hence is £16.P&P6. -UV tubes,as used to detect false bank notes.6" length,4W.£2 each (3 of) -Dual 80T DS disk drives,beige case,internal PSU (doesn't get power from beeb). £20.P&P9 -Mixed 3.5" and 5.25" DS dual drives.Plinth (supplied) is of same area as the bottom of a Master,so you could stand the Master it.Has its own PSU.£23.P&P9 -Single 80T DS disk drive.Beige case.Taps into BBC's PSU.£8.P&P7 -25 pin D male to 25 pin D female adapter plug.£2.P&P2 -65C02 chips.For issue 7 BBC board owners this is simply an unplug the old and insert the new job.Adds new instructions enjoyed by Master owners,such as PHY,PHX,which basically means BASIC IV from the Master will work on the BBC B.All legally written Master programs will therefore work (provided they don't require any other Master dependant hardware).Full fitting instructions - including those for earlier boards.£5.P&P3.I've fitted one - they're brilliant!.(Two of left) -DFS 1.20 upgrade kit,includes 8271 controller and all required parts.£15 +P&P2 *CUSTOM I will only reply/send back chips if there are sufficient stamps for return post -Eprom programming service PROGRAM NEW ROM £3.50 + stamps SUPPLY BLANK ROM ONLY £3.00 + stamps ERASE AND REPROGRAM ROM £1.00 + stamps ERASE ONLY 50p + stamps -Having problems with programming/hardware? Drop me a line as I offer to fix any 8 bit Acorn related hardware. -Please write for an estimate before sending off hardware.Repairs are ALL guaranteed. -And I can offer help with non commercial software Q's,but this isn't a debugging service! -Acorn application notes (send SAE and 2 stamps for list).30p each regardless of length.