8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Menu From L1X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Program Documentation This is a small program to allow you to create a menu for your disks for up to thirteen programs. Nothing new you say, I agree, I wrote it in 1986, but as I am a new member to 8BS, I have only now got the chance to pass it on. I hope it is of use to someone, if only as a change to some of the other menus that you may have. It is very loosely based on the old Program Power startup screen, probably because I started writing this program just after I completed my school work- experience at, guess where ? Yep, Micro Power in Leeds. Wow, now those were two weeks.... As for the program configuration, nothing too complicated here. Line 1200 contains the amount of programs there are to show Lines 1210-1330 contain Data statements for Program Title for the menu BASIC / Machine Code program NAME of the program on the disk. Line 1340 contains the numbers for the colours used, ie colour 1=1, colour 2=4 colour 3=7 Lines 1350-1370 are the positions for the three windows used Line 1380 is the title for the Menu Lines 1390-1400 are fairly self-explanatory. Chris did mention to me something about 13 programs to go with it. Well, the menu was originally intended as a front end for a set of econet utilities I wrote. Maybe if I get round to sorting the code out a little I will release them. In the meantime... that's all folks. marku@magnet.at