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!TimeSlip An adventure through time An expensive waste of time Available from: ProAction 40 Honiton Road Romford Essex RM7 9AJ Price : £5.95 Game Type : Challenging Puzzles Scenario : TimeSlip is set in the year 2641, and you play the part of Hugard, a universal Field Physicist who has invented a time machine. The first experiment you make is to travel back three seconds through a black hole but, horror of horrors, it all goes wrong and you end up 500 years back in time and without any fuel. Thankfully, the black hole is still there so, by collecting the powerful crystal arionate, you can provide enough power for your machine to travel back to 2641 - but only in steps of ten years. Size :50 levels providing different challanges. **** This is the first games review (and probably my last after I have finished with this game ) I have ever done, but I actually played this game, as a demonstration game, on a subscriber disk from the Micro User. One of the only few good points about this game is, that it was released as a demonstration game which, as far as I have seen, has not happened for the BBC Micro, even in it's heyday. The first time I played this game I thought that it had very good graphics even though there wasn't a lot of them, very smooth flowing and quite nice music. I actually thought about buying this game at full price at the time, which was £9.95, but like most things I didn't get around to it. My opinion after playing the complete game, I now have in my collection is that I would have been wasting a good £9.95 at the time. The Micro User review on the back of the box reads. "If it were budget priced I could thoroughly recommend TimeSlip. It's the sort of game that will come out of the box from time to time rather than one for consistent and regular use." Roger Frost, June 1992 The above quote says "Budget Priced", even at it's current price of £5.95, it's not worth it, in it's current state. After playing the game for several hours and a couple of hundred years into the future I found that after my sudden demise I was searching for a password to jump back to where I left my Head Stone, but after reading through the instructions several times, searching the main screen and getting someone else to look for it, I had to give it up as a bad job, it just isn't there. The other point is, that on the main options screen if you press <escape> you will actually escape from the game which is very annoying and means you have to load the damn thing in again. However the parallax scrolling, as mentioned on the back of the box, seems to me to be quite good. Overall : As a full priced game I don't think it's worth the money, maybe if it had a £5 discount on it I would consider buying it. A possibility of putting it into the 8BS Catalogue for a pound a time would yield a bigger profit for ProAction. I am not a games programmer and I don't like to criticise other peoples work but this game seems not to have been tested. I still have not played this game through to the end because after 2 hours it just lost it's appeal. Sorry, this is just not a game for me.