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E2K Obtained this game FREE for writing this review. There are other games waiting for YOU if you are willing to do the same. See the Article on this magazine disc; Games Reviewers Wanted. White Magic Available from: ProAction 40 Honiton Road Romford Essex RM7 9AJ £5.95 to 8BS Members Scenario White Magic is an arcade adventure in the mould of Gauntlet, the view-from-above 'hack and slash' is set deep in myth and fantasy. The game is spread out over 32 levels in which you must battle ghosts, goblins, trolls, and demons, that emerge in endless streams from generators at random locations on each level. Scattered throughout the levels are items that can help you on your way such as food and keys to open doors. There are also special artefacts to find and collect that also help you to progress further into the game. You can only leave each level when you have found the master key! These keys are expertly hidden in some nasty little corner or alcove on each level, look everywhere as they are hard to find and don't get any easier either. All this must be done within a time limit. This can get very frustrating as more often than not you can see the exit just as your time runs out. However, for all you wimps out there there is a nice facility that allows you start on any of the 32 levels. For me, by far the best part of this game is that the player actually controls not one but four characters. The idea is to guide the four through the levels utilising the special abilities that each member possesses. The four characters are as follows; KALDOR the leprechaun is not the best of the four in hand-to-hand combat but is better with magic, one of the better characters to collect and use potions with. He possesses good agility and speed. MORRIANA the warrior is by far the best of the group for fighting, so try to use him in hand-to-hand combat if you can. Not the best with magic though, and not so good in the strength department either, but all in all a good allrounder. CHEYSUL the titan is one huge dude who can destroy all but the biggest obstacles that you care to find. He is slow and clumsy but possesses masses of strength, good for knocking destroying monsters generators and stuff! Mandrake the enchanter is 200 years old but still packs quite a punch with the old spell book. He's a wizard who can destroy bags of enemies with one potion, so try to use him for all the magic potions if you can. Don't use him for fighting as he's quite a weakling with his fists. He is the only one of the party that can cross the magic pentagrams. Gameplay The first thing that strikes you about White Magic is the speed at which the game moves. Talk about fast, but the game does sometimes slow when theres a lot on screen at once. The play area takes up a 1/3rd of the screen in the middle, with each of the four character's status displays in each of the four corners of the screen. It has quite a steep learning curve but no doubt that hardened gamesters will find it not quite so taxing. There are some nice colourful mode five graphics to be had and the detail on the sprites is quite good too. Things can get a bit confusing when theres about a thousand ghosts trying to beat your head in and theres firebolts flying in all directions, but then again that adds to the fun factor. Overall GRAPHICS: Good colourful mode 5 graphics with a good smattering of detail. Good sprites too. SOUND: Room for improvement, simple 'spot' and 'swoosh' effects are fine but perhaps a tune or two would not go amiss? GAMEPLAY: Challenging and requiring a little patience, a game for older players maybe. The levels are large enough to keep your attention for quite a while, it makes you want to keep playing to get just that bit further. VALUE FOR MONEY: Not bad at all, White Magic provides oodles of meanies and 'hack-and-slash' action with a hint of strategy. In my opinion it will keep you huddled over your machine for hours to come and then some. For the price it's a steal. E2K