8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Program: CORRUPT This tiny util was in request to a letter I received some time back. I wrote this program and sent it back as my reply, but somehow never got around to sending it in. What it does - well, some software uses *FX200 to ensure that it is wiped from memory after you press break. This stops people from typing OLD then LIST. This is sometimes of annoyance so to prevent this my patch discards all *FX200 calls. It will not however work if the programmer is cunning enough to restore the default vector tables when starting up, as my patch will be bypassed! See how you go anyway. It's assembled at &C00, but if this causes problems send £2.50 to my usual address and I'll post a disk back with a custom version. Sprow Program: SETATTR I find several instances when transferring programs between machines that the LOAD and EXEC addresses are wrong and I need some way of altering them without having to load the file into memory and resaving it. Obviously this is not practical if the file is larger than the beeb's memory. Running this BASIC program solves the problem. First,the filename is checked and the current options displayed,you may then re enter ones that you find more appropriate. The ACCESS number is filing system dependant,as not all FS's have all the bits available.eg. DFS reserves just one bit for the purpose, Locked, on not! I advise you just copy the number and keep it the same. Sprow. Program: TRAPVEC This program comes off my 'frequently used stuff' disk, and I find it almost essential to the course of debugging. Essentially it allows you to trap a vector and display on the screen the values of A,X,Y that were present when the call was made. The routine then passes on the value and all continues as normal. Ones of note, try trapping OSByte vector (at &20A) then catalogueing a disk - hundreds of OSBytes fly past as the DFS doesn't call OSWriteChar directly but goes via it's own routine which changes the FX3 (set output destination) settings for EVERY letter. Mad. I must advise that you don't try trapping any of the character output vectors, to avoid paradox. Sprow. 6 Bollinbrook road MACCLESFIELD Cheshire SK10 3DJ. 8BSmail - D6G EDITOR.... Thanks for your lovely submissions Robert!