8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Hello! The usual thanks must go to Paul Clucas for checking the issue over Thanks to Jonathan Harston for paying for the advert in the Acorn User Green Pages. HELP! ~~~~~ PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS EARLY! PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO TYPE IN YOUR MESSAGES. PLEASE DO IT YOURSELF AND SEND ME A TEXT FILE! BBC or PC format will do. Even an Email is easier for me. PLEASE SUBMIT LOADS OF YOUR OWN SOFTWARE! That's all I ask of you, I put loads of effort into 8BS. There's loads of members, but you are submitting loads less. The Pool ~~~~~~~~ These are the discs that have been added to the pool or have had alterations made to them since issue 56: TBI-111 2D Games Reviews TBI-112 A Digitised pictures from 4WL Internet ~~~~~~~~ http://www.karoo.net.8bs/ I maintain these pages. There is a section for pages from 8BS members. You can submit anything you want for this, I will neaten it up and put it on to a web page for you. My Email address is: chris@8bs.karoo.co.uk As a member, you automatically get an Email address! Your email address is: <your user ID in lower case>@8bs.karoo.co.uk for example: 2j3@8bs.karoo.co.uk To send an email, simply write a PLAIN ASCII text file and send it to me. I will email the message to wherever you want. One place you may wish to email is the BBC mailing list. Anyone in the world who is interested in BBCs receives any mail addressed to this list. 8BS is of course on the mailing list. Any questions you have will probably be answered by many people at once. I will place any replies either on the 8BS issue (if they are interesting) or place them into the messaging system directly to you. NTAUS2 ~~~~~~ IMPORTANT! This is your very last chance to let me know whether you intend to come to the most important event of the year! 18 19 20 and 21 July 1997 These dates are the NOT THE ACORN USER SHOW. EPISODE 2. YES! Jonathan Harston has kindly thrown his doors open to us lot for the 8BS club meeting for these days. An unmissable event. Be there or be square (and miss the best event of the year). Some of us will be staying for the full do. You are welcome to attend any or all of the days. Exactly the same arrangements as last year apply. There are a few beds and plenty of space for camp beds with kipping bags. We look after ourselves for food. What usually happened last year was that Jonathan provided stuff for the odd buttie. We generally popped out to one of the many local take away establishments. Chippy, Indian, Chinese and supermarket are all within handy staggering distance (or rolling, those hills are steep). There is even a pub with pool table close at hand. Bring your favourite bit of equipment or software with you. More details next time Contact me if you have any questions. Please let me know if you intend to come. Please let me know if you intend to stop over so that I can keep a track of available space. There are also plenty of local B+B places. EBTEL ~~~~~ The 8BS telephone network is still under construction. Not forgotten. Jonathan Harston has the fileserver and is putting the finishing touches to the software that will run the system. I am hoping that we will be able to tie everything up at the NTAU2 event. Me I am an Ambulance Paramedic working at a nearby Ambulance Station. For the last year I have been seconded off the road doing this and that. I will shortly be back on shifts working as a Paramedic again, by my request. I know which side my bread is buttered in the present climate. Nuff said. As yet, I don't know what shifts I will be working. I will probably publish my shift calculator again when I know. See you next time Chris