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                      To: 999 (all members) From: E2K (J.W.Smith) Subject: OPPORTUNITY HI EVERY BODY! YOU MUST BY NOW HAVE SEEN THE FIRST PART OF MY SCI-FI STORY. WHAT DO YOU THINK? ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME GOOD OR BAD INCLUDED, I'D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ALL THINK OF IT! BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHATSOEVER TO CALL THE STORY, SO I HOPE TO ENLIST ALL YOU LOT OUT THERE TO HELP ME. IF ANY OF YOU HAVE ANY NEAT IDEAS FOR A TITLE THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS! I'LL GIVE THEM ALL CAREFUL CONSIDERATION AND THE ONE I CHOOSE WILL GET A MENTION ON THE COMPILATION DISC THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM THE TBI SECTION IN THE PD. SUGGESTIONS TO; J.W.SMITH E2K 145 CHARLES ST SELBY N/YORKS Y08 0YG      From: K8P (Brian Tallowin ) Subject: poem Scarecrow on the Hill Here I stand on the hill Rain,wind or sun all weather passes me by, Farmers tweed jacket, fit only for the birds, Farmer grumbles years of life still in,How right he was! Corduroy trousers baler twine secured legs flapping in the restless wind; Sun arcs across spring's lengthening days, All around the gentle rustle of growth, Hedgerow Oaks habouring rooks and crows,waiting for their moment; Black silhouttes across the dusk sky,maybe tomorrow? All in a day's work.  To: ccc From: K8P (Brian Tallowin) Subject: story Cyclist Dilemma Hal. said A line can be regarded as having length but no breadth. Joe who was a keen cyclist said yes I see, Hal replyed That a dot is the start of a line, with lines radiating out from the dot;with the dot travelling around the perimeter of the spokes, Joe said that's the shape of a wheel, Hal said, If I now make a framework of lines, in the shape of bike,turning it 90degres it would dissappear. Joe said I see Hal said Well watch out when you turn the corner on your bike!!  MESSAGE FROM MIKE MALLETT Teletext 651 May25 01:58:03 News...News...News FROM LITTLE ACORNS Acorn Computer owners living in the South East of England should check out the Acorn Southeast Show. Taking place at Collingwood Suite, Stanborough Road, Welwyn Garden City, the event is on Saturday July 5 from 10am to 5pm. The show is supported by Acorn and Xemplar and is aimed at all users. INFORMATION 01582 767540 SITE http://www.digibank.demon.co.uk Previously, I had mentioned the Lentil bulletin board. This has now relocated to Woking, Surrey. The new number is: 01483 834626 Is anyone interested in CP/M on the BBC? I have access to Z-80 co-processors made by Acorn, Torch and Technomatic. I have nearly all the original discs and manuals. I also have a lot of general CP/M material. I hope to get together with other members to provide a few articles for 8BS as well as programs for the library. Please contact me: Mike Mallett, 19 Knollmead, Calcot, READING, RG31 7DQ 0118 961 5019 mike.mallett@zednet.co.uk                    