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                               To: 999 (all members) From: E2K (J.W.Smith) Subject:     DOES ANY ONE KNOW HOW TO CONSTRUCT A FLY LEAD THAT WILL DRIVE A DUAL 3.5" & 5.25" DISC DRIVE FOR THE MASTER 128. ALSO THE POWER CABLE FOR THE ABOVE! BOTH DRIVES ARE OUT OF PC'S CAN ANYONE HELP ME ON THE SUBJECT OF ECONET AS I'M TRYING TO SET UP A SMALL ECONET NETWORK. ANY HELP OR TIPS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! PLEASE CONTACT; J.W.SMITH E2K 145 CHARLES ST SELBY N/YORKS Y08 0YG    To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: !!! HELP !!! I sent a message out in issue 8BS 56-2 asking if any 8BS member had a programme in which I could alter fonts and font sizes. I was later sent a copy of FONTSTYLE which can be used with WORDWISE+ and so I found one of my WORDWISE+ ROM's and plugged it into my machine. Now every other time that I switch on my machine the *CONFIGURATION is altered and so I have had to create a START UP disk which I load when I turn the machine on. What I need to know is : Can I save the *CONFIGURATION settings so that they can not reset ??? Please send all information to : Gary Scott 7 Trafford Road Fair Oak Eastleigh Hampshire SO50 7LB  To: 999 (all members) From: D9F (GARY SCOTT) Subject: VIEWSTORE Does anyone know how I can transfer/integrate a VIEW file into the VIEWSTORE database. If you can help with this then please contact me at : Gary Scott 7 Trafford Road Fair Oak Eastleigh Hampshire SO50 7LB  To: 999 (all members) From: D6F (John Crane) Subject: Disc Formatter Can anyone give me an address for PD software author JJA VAN GINK or the company he works (worked ?) for DER HANSIE DEVELOPMENTS ? I have a disc formatter program made by them.In the listing it says"Please feel free to suggest other formats for inclusion in the program.Send us a formatted disc and we'll write the format into the program".However no address is given,so I don't know where to write to.The program copyright date is (C) 1990. Alternatively can anyone tell me of a formatter application for use in the Desktop of my A3010,which will allow me to format ADFS (S) and (M) formats?I can format (L) sometimes called 640K or 640K(L) with the normal facilities provided with my A3010 and I have a program on a PD disc already mentioned above which also does (L) format.I also have 1 or 2 ADFS Utility discs from BBC etc,But it appears to be impossible to format within BBC emulator. Perhaps if I send a copy of the PD Desktop Formatter program to someone handy at programming they could adapt it for me ? JOHN CRANE (D6F).34 ST ANDREWS WALK HARROGATE NORTH YORKSHIRE HG2 7RL (01423) 885049 OR 8BSMAIL ME.  To: 999 (all members) From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: ROM Chips As a newcomer to computers and computing I am finding some aspects rather complicated. I bought my first BBC computer about 18 months ago, with the idea of introducing myself to computers and to use it for word processing, making out bills and estimates. Since then I've bought several other pieces of equipment, including another Master with a co-processor. This computer came with a box of 50 Rom chips and although I've managed to find some information about them I would appreciate any help that other members could supply, either manuals or photocopies of manuals for an agreed price. I've recently bought a Rom/Ram box and have fitted most of the chips in that I have information on. My problem with this is that I have a Printwise Rom which would operate in my Master but will not run on my BBC B which has the Rom/Ram board connected to it. Do the chips have to fitted in a certain order? Any help will be appreciated. The chips that I require information about are:-Autosave, ATS, Pagemaker, BSII, Enigma, Flopptwise, B'Board, Graphics System 11.08, Interchart 1.01, Mega Rom, UviProm and Cprom. All the names listed are taken from the stick-on labels attached to each of the chips so some of them may not make sense to those of you that know about these things. I think that some of these chips may have specialist applications so they may be of no use to me, so if any members are interested in buying these then please let me know. I would like to be advised which Roms I might find useful to me for general word processing, text layout and for utilities.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4TK (H.Frost) Subject: Printers I am looking for a colour printer for my BBC. I do not wish to spend more than around £250. Can any one offer me any advice please?  To: 999 (all members) From: E2E (Richard Tinkel) Subject: PRINTING OUT FRACTIONS How can I persuade my Master 512 to print out fractions from ViewStore files? The fractions required, are already available on the keyboard, namely:- ¼, ½ and ¾, and appear correctly on a MODE 7 screen. However, the resultant printout, renders the symbols as displayed in all other text MODEs, ie backslash and open/close parentheses respectively. If you have a solution, please contact me either through this magazine, or TEL: 01332 602382. There are no prizes unfortunately, but lots of praise and grateful thanks guaranteed.  To: 999 (all members) From: E2E (Richard Tinkel) Subject: * BBC MICRO ADVENTURERS * Are there any intrepid adventure gamers out there amongst you? I am looking for contacts with whom I can exchange hints 'n' tips and/or software. I am trying to amass all the adventure games ever written for the BBC series of micros, including books on the subject. If anyone has a copy of "The Adventure Gamers' Manual" by Bob Redrup, for instance, then I would be most interested. If any of you have any adventure games or books for disposal, contact me via this magazine, or TEL: (01332) 602382                    