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                             To: 999 (all members) From: D6F (John Crane) Subject: Disc Drives FW Nevin I can recommend : FRC ELECTRONICS 52 QUEENSWAY CAVERSHAM PARK VILLAGE READING BERKSHIRE RG4 6SJ TEL: 0118 954 5424 They can supply all types of disc drive.5.25,3.5,High density,Low density,with PSU or without,BBC or non BBC,new or reconditioned.They even stock the internal drive for Acorn's original Electron Plus 3.They also repair and calibrate drives,but its usually cheaper to buy a recon.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD.) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC B DROGNA is a game in two parts, DROGNA and the file name for the second part is a control code which shows up as a query. The first part can be discarded. The second part is locked and will not work when unlocked. This is because the execution address is false. If *OPT1,2 is used the load address is given as EFF and the execution address is given as 5CB9. Both are false. So load in the file from cassette using *LOAD""1900 using an unlocking utility. Then save to disc using *SAVE DROGNA 1900+4402 5C7F Typing *RUN DROGNA will now load and run the game. SLICKER PUZZLE is a game which can be made to work on disc just by juggling the files about in memory. It is in three parts SLICKER, SLICK1 and SLICK2. The first two parts are in basic and the third part is machine code. Load in the first part and alter the &1600 in the last line to &2000 and save to disc. Load in the second part and add the following three lines 2 *FX3,2 3 *KEY9 MODE7|M*TAPE|MD%=PAGE-&1600:FOR L%=PAGE TO TOP STEP4:!(L%-D%)=!L%:NEXT:PAGE=&1600|MOLD |MDEL.0,4|M*FX3,0|MRUN|M 4 *FX138,0,137 Save it to disc as SLICK1. Load in the last part from cassette using *LOAD""1900. Save it to disc using *SAVE SLICK2 1900+C2F 900 900. This file will, of course, need downloading to &900 using the method of your choice. Chaining SLICKER will now load and run the game. More next month.                    